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                        ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  
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     Nevada                                                 95-4755369      
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(State or other jurisdiction                              (I.R.S. Employer  
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                         2905A Sepulveda Blvd #333   
                         Manhattan Beach, CA 90266  
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As of June 30, 2005, approximately 39,159,537 shares of the Registrant's
Common Stock, $0.001 par value were outstanding. As of June 30, 2005,
approximately 26,355,837 shares of the Registrant's Class A Preferred Stock
par value $0.001 were outstanding.  
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS  
     Cover Page                                                        1  
Part I 
     Financial Statements                                              2  
     Balance Sheet                                                     3  
     Income Statement                                                  4  
     Cashflow Statement                                                5  
     Financial Footnotes                                               6  
Part II 
     Management Discussion                                             6  
     Business Overview                                                 7  
     Actions, Board of Directors                                       8  
     Signatures                                                       10  

                        ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.   
                       (A Development Stage Company)  
                     Consolidated Financial Statements  
                               June 30, 2005
                                                  June 30,    September 30, 
                                                    2005           2004     
                                               -------------  ------------- 
Current Assets 
  Cash                                         $         862   $      1,773 
                                               -------------  ------------- 
     Total Current Assets                                862          1,773 
                                               -------------  ------------- 
Property & Equipment, Net                                  -          6,563 

                                               -------------  ------------- 
     Total Assets                              $         862   $      8,336 

                                               =============  ============= 
Current Liabilities 
  Accounts Payable                             $       4,883   $      4,883 

  Accrued Interest                                      -              -    
  Note Payable - Officer                              68,000         59,300 

  Advance Royalties                                     -             
                                               -------------  ------------- 
     Total Current Liabilities                        72,883         64,183 

                                               -------------  ------------- 
     Total Liabilities                                72,883         64,183 

                                               -------------  ------------- 
Stockholders' Equity 
  Common Stock, Authorized 100,000,000  
   Shares of $.001 Par Value, Issued and  
   Outstanding 39,159,537 shares, and  
   28,319,416                                         39,160         28,319 

  Preferred Stock, Series A Authorized  
   100,000,000 Shares of $.001 Par Value,  
   Issued and Outstanding 26,355,837 Shares,  
   and 37,195,958                                     26,355         37,196 

  Additional Paid in Capital                         558,389        550,889 

  Deficit Accumulated During the Development  
   Stage                                            (695,925)     
                                               -------------  ------------- 
     Total Stockholders' Equity                      (72,021)      
                                               -------------  ------------- 
     Total Liabilities and  
     Stockholders' Equity                      $         862   $      8,336 

                                               =============  ============= 

                         Advance Technologies, Inc. 
                       (a Development Stage Company) 
              Consolidated Statements of Operations(Unaudited) 
                                                                          From the  
                                                                       Beginning of 
                              For         For          For         For  Development 
                        the Three   the Three     the nine    the nine         stage
                           months      months       months      months   October 1, 
                            ended       ended        ended       ended    1985 thru 
                         June 30,    June 30,     June 30,    June 30,      June 30,
                             2005        2004         2005        2004          2005
                      ----------- -----------  ----------- -----------   -----------
Revenues              $     8,800 $     -       $   12,153  $   149,43   $   220,716
Cost of Goods sold          -           -            -         114,020       114,020

Gross Profit                8,800       -           12,153      35,419       106,696
Operating Expenses 
 Depreciation &  
  Amortization              1,969       1,964        6,562       5,892        50,574
 Organization Costs         -           -            -           -             -    
 Research & Development     -           -            -           -             -    
 General &  
  Administrative          11,243       6,048       33,484      25,414        826,780
                      ----------- -----------  ----------- -----------   -----------
 Total Operating  
 Expenses                (13,212)     (8,012)     (40,046)    (31,306)     (877,354)

Operating Income (Loss)   (4,412)     (8,012)     (27,893)      4,113      (770,658)
                      ----------- -----------  ----------- -----------   -----------
Miscellaneous Income                                                         98,000 
Interest Expense                                                            (23,267)
                      ----------- -----------  ----------- -----------   -----------
   Net Income (Loss)  $   (4,412) $   (8,012)  $  (27,893) $    4,113    $ (695,925)
                      =========== ===========  =========== ===========   ===========

Net Income (Loss)
Per Share             $    (0.00) $    (0.00)  $     0.00  $    (0.00)   $    (0.15)
                      =========== ===========  =========== ===========   ===========
Weighted Average
Shares Outstanding    39,159,537  28,306,416   33,774,287  28,306,416     4,490,068 
                      =========== ===========  =========== ===========   ===========

 The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.

                        Advance Technologies, Inc. 
                       (a Development Stage Company) 
              Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows(Unaudited)

                                                                                        From the   
                                                                                     Beginning of  
                                                                          For the nine months ended1, 1985   
                                                                     June 30,              thru    
                                                                         --------------------------June 30,  
                                                             2005           2004          2005     
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
Cash Flows from Operating Activities 
  Net Income (Loss)                        $   (27,893)  $       414    $  (695,925)
  Adjustments to Reconcile Net Loss to  
  Net Cash Provided by Operations: 
   Depreciation & Amortization                   6,562         5,906         51,886 
   Stock Issued for Services                                   4,000        403,025 
   Organization Costs                             -             -            11,331 
   Decrease in Prepaids                           -             -            14,680 
  Change in Assets and Liabilities
   Increase (Decrease) in Accounts
   Payable and Accrued Expenses                              (25,000)        63,856 
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
                                                       Net Cash Provided(Used) by
                                                       Operating Activities (21,329)       (14,680) (151,147)
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
Cash Flows from Investing Activities

  Investment in Subsidiary                        -             -               286 
  Purchase of Equipment                           -             -           (39,386)
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
                                                       Net Cash Provided (Used) by
                                                       Investing Activities    -              -      (39,100)
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
Cash Flows from Financing Activities
  Payments for Officer Loan                     (7,500)         -           (55,700)
  Proceeds from Officer Loan                    16,200        17,900        123,700 
  Proceeds from Line of Credit                   4,218          -            85,500 
  Proceeds from Issuance of Stock                7,500          -            37,609 
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
                                                       Net Cash Provided (Used) by
                                                       Financing Activities  20,418         17,900   191,109 
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
                                                       Increase (Decrease) in Cash            (911)    3,220  862 
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
                                                       Cash and Cash Equivalents at
                                                       Beginning of Period    1,773         (2,029)     -    
                                                         ------------   ------------   ------------
                                                       Cash and Cash Equivalents
                                                       at End of Period         862          1,191       862 
                                                         ============   ============   ============

Cash Paid For:
  Interest                                 $      -      $      -       $    -      
                                                         ============   ============   ============
  Income Taxes                             $      -      $      -       $    -      
                                                         ============   ============   ============

 The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.

                        ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  
                      (A Development Stage Company)  
                              June 30, 2005  


Advance  Technologies, Inc. (the Company) has elected to omit substantially
all footnotes to the financial  statements for the three and six months
ended June 30, 2004 since  there have been no material  changes (other than
indicated  in other footnotes) to the information  previously reported by
the Company in their Annual Report filed on Form 10-KSB for the fiscal year
ended September 30, 2003.  


The information furnished herein was taken from the books and records of
the Company without audit.  However, such information reflects all
adjustments, which are, in the opinion of management, necessary to properly
reflect the results of the interim period presented.  The information
presented is not necessarily indicative of the results from operations
expected for the full fiscal year.  


Corporation Business Model 

The Advanced Technologies Inc.'s corporation business model is to develop
Infrared imaging systems for commercial market applications.  These markets
fall into the areas of medical, security, and the largest, transportation.
The commercial transportation market consists of air, land, and sea
applications.  These systems are designed to provide two basic benefits,
operational safety and improved security.  These goals are achieved by
utilizing the inherent night vision capability, our core technology adapted
to the specific needs of the market. Infrared technology is at the heart of
these systems.  Infrared technology is based upon advanced research
developed for the US military. Infrared technology has been designated and
approved for dual use (military and commercial) by the United States

All Military technology has inherent US Government restrictions.  ATI's
highest priority is to ensure we are compliant with restrictions imposed by
the US government.  The restrictions and methods of compliance are detailed
in the United States International Traffic on Arms Regulation.  The US
Department of Commerce (DOC) is the US over-sight authority for our
activities.  When Department of Defense and/or Department of State (co-
administrators of the technology) become involved, their activity is
coordinated through our DOC administrative authoritative.   

Advance Technologies marketing strategy is based upon principles that
recognize both our strengths and our weaknesses.  This strategy is embodied
in a well-defined business model.  Most of our projects require a strategic
partner.  The strategic partner needs to be a leader in the market field of
our intended application.  The strategic partner as a general rule provides
the marketing, sales, and after sales support for the system.  Our strategy
minimizes start-up and infrastructure cost, our market investment, and the
overall risk to ATI.  Our primary role for each project is: (1) to ensure
the technology is used properly in each application, (2) the system
engineering necessary to achieve the desired functional capability is
performed, and (3) the end product is compliant with ITAR.  Production for
each project is addressed on a case by case basis. The strategic partner
has a key role in establishing the component suppliers, often preferring to
use their own captive sources. 

Our business model licenses intellectual property for a specific field and
product to our strategic partner.  It is essential that ATI retain core
ownership over the basic technology and intellectual property.  Our license
agreements are for applications restricted to the licensed field.  By
utilizing our intellectual property in this way, the same technology is
licensed to different fields of application on an exclusive basis without
creating a problem of over-lapping markets and license rights.

Project Review Highlights

Our initial and most successful project to date is Enhanced Vision system.
Kollsman is our strategic partner for EVS (licensee). The EVS project with
Kollsman is proceeding forward in a positive fashion.  Kollsman has not
announced any new customers beyond Gulfstream and FedEx in the last

We receive a proposed license agreement for the Niteagle project.  The
offer required the selling or transfer of certain intellectual property, a
condition that is not compatible with our business model.  As a result the
offer was declined, and a counter proposal was submitted for consideration. 
At this time, we have not received a response to our proposal.  As a
result, we will continue to pursue all options with regard to Niteagle. We
look forward to a successful venture, but ATI will remain patient until all
the conditions of our business model and business strategy have been met to
our satisfaction. 
Our activities in the medical applications have been limited to CONUS
support to United Integrated Services, a Taiwanese public corporation.  ATI
would like to be involved with UIS in the introduction of their Infrared
Medical system in the USA in the future.   

ATI continues to address the Infrared Security System project. This program
is in an early technology definition phase.  We continue to engage in
preliminary discussions with potential strategic partners looking for the
proper business arrangement.   

Board of Director Review 
Advance Technologies Corporation priorities remain unchanged. They are (1)
provide seed investment for on-going projects, (2) reduction of corporate
short-term debt, (3) buy back of corporate common stock, and (4) dividends
to shareholders. Current level of corporate income is adequate to meet our
investment needs (priority 1).  This fact is due to modest investment needs
at this time.  The balance of the net income has been applied to our short-
term corporate debt.   
Past Events of current relevancy 
NV-2000 IR Camera Export 
Advanced Technologies received notification from the United States
Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security that an export
license (D326061, effective September 21, 2004) has been granted for fifty
(50) NV-2000 cameras. The IR cameras are to be delivered to United
Integrated Services Inc. Taipei Taiwan. The NV-2000 IR Cameras are for
installation in the Spectrum 9000. The value of the export equipment
authorized under and specified in the export license is $250,000. This is
the third license granted to Adv.-Tech from the DOC for the Spectrum 9000
medical equipment.  The work performed by Advance Technologies Inc. is
authorized under an agreement between United Integrated Services and ATI. 
Enhanced Vision 
The quarterly sales through June 30, 2005 is the second full quarter of
sales where the quantity of units to satisfy level 1 of our Royalty
schedule has been satisfied.  Level 1, under terms of the agreement, was
designated as royalty free. This quarter, ending June 30, 2005, is the
first full quarter where royalty sales are included in the financials. 
Because our corporate quarter coincides with our license quarterly
reporting, the income from the sales is delayed a few weeks causing the
stated income to fall into the next quarter.    Advance Technologies will
continue to report the royalty income under net earning. Information on
number of units sold remains competition sensitive.  

Advance Technologies Inc. will provide guidance on sales through June 30,
2005 (ATI 3rd fiscal quarter) in a qualitative fashion addressing sales
trends.  This will provide our shareholders up-to-date information on our
sales outlook, while protecting the competition sensitive material.  
Gulfstream Aerospace announced the EVS Supplemental Type Certification 
(STC) for their G-IV Aircraft. Gulfstream now offers EVS as a retrofit on
six models (GIV, GIV-SP, G300, G400, and GV). The retrofit modification is
combined with scheduled maintenance and is performed at five Service
Centers in the USA. EVS remains standard equipment on G450 & G550 currently
in production. See for additional details.                   
The advancements in price, performance, and delivery of the Microbolometer  
IR technology has matured to the point where Niteagle is commercially
viable. This long awaited event is key to many commercial applications
besides Niteagle.  Advance Technologies Inc. will continue to explore all
viable opportunities and alternatives for Niteagle.

SPECTRUM 9000, Medical Equipment    
Advanced Technologies continuous to provide support to United Integrated 
Services Ltd. Taiwan. Under the explicit provisions of our export license
grant by the US Department of Commerce all end users of the medical
equipment must be identified and certified by a receipt of an
acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of the sale. UIS is in the
process of completing their 50-unit end-user sales and certification list. 
No guidance has been received from UIS on the progress or the date of
expected completion. 
Enhance Vision System Quarterly Sales Outlook
The sales of EVS by Kollsman appear to be increasing at a modest rate.
Quarterly sales have increased quarter over quarter since mid 2004. EVS has
experienced three consecutive quarters of increased sales. This sales
increase we attribute to the emerging retrofit market. The retrofit
business has a larger potential than the new aircraft market.  This fact
results from the long service life of commercial aircraft.  

The "next generation" EVS (Kollsman descriptor for EVS II) is an important
step for the retrofit market.  A simpler installation (smaller size) and
improved performance highlight the new product. EVS II is also slated for
the FedEx program. is a source for additional information. 

The FedEx program remains on track by our indications.  By monitoring key
internal milestones we are able to stay current on their progress. FAA
certification, this fall, is a critical milestone for the program. 
Advance Technologies Inc. continues our development activities on new
Infrared systems for commercial markets. These projects cannot be forecast
with any degree of certainty and all strategic partnerships or business
arrangements remain confidential until such time as a formal announcement
is appropriate.  Premature announcement or market speculation could
compromise the development plan and/or the application market.   
This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the
federal securities laws that relate to future events or Advance
Technologies' future performance. All statements in this release that are
not historical facts, including any statements about the markets, potential
markets, market growth, and Advance Technologies' ability to compete in the
Infrared Imaging markets are hereby identified as "forward- looking
statements." In this release, Advance Technologies has based these forward-
looking statements on management's current expectations. Such forward-
looking statements should, therefore, be considered in light of various
important factors as stated and unstated in Advance Technologies past
filing. Actual results may differ from these statements due to risks and
uncertainties, including those associated with the introduction of
competing products, and market acceptance of existing and new products.
Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-
looking statements. Investors also should understand that it is not
possible to predict or identify all risk factors. Advance Technologies has
no obligation to publicly update or release any revisions to these forward-
looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of
this release.  
No commitment for capital resources has been made during this reporting
The results on the operation present projects of likely future events that
cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the financial analysis does not include
projects, and no quantitative assessment has been provided based upon the
future discussion of potential events in section 3.    
No material changes have been provided; therefore impact of unforeseeable
events cannot be assessed.    
Present financial plans are adequate to meet our cash flow needs with our
current project schedule.    
Advance Technologies in 2005 has completed the transition from a
"development company" to a self-sustaining company, a modest but a
significant event. A summary of the Board of Director actions that were
taken in 2004 to facilitate this transition are as stated:       
All Class B preferred shares are now eligible for conversion to Class A,
common shares, provided the holding period has been satisfied.  The
effective date for 100% conversion was January 5, 2005.    
Mr. Gary L. Bane has re-joined the Board of Directors of Advance
Inc. Mr. Bane had been on ATI's BOD since our founding in 1992.  Mr. Bane's
term on ATI's BOD became effective on September 1, 2004.   

Mr. James Watson has joined the Board, effective Jan 5, 2005.  
As a result of prior actions Class B, preferred Shares and Class A, Common
share enjoy the same privilege of dividend participation and voting rights. 
Board of Directors Compensation Review 
The Board of Directors has completed their review of compensation for the
Chief Executive Officer/President, AVTX corporate consul, and the ATI's
Board of Directors.  Board of Directors & Executive Officer compensation
recommendation is for the compensation to be in the form of Preferred
Stock, Class B shares subject to the 144 holding period.  This form of
compensation will have minimal impact on cash reserves.  At the conclusion
of each quarter, an average AVTX stock price shall be computed using the
last 10 days for a weighted-average unit price.  
The equivalent salary compensation in the form of newly issued shares are
as follows: Each Board of Directors Member = $1,000, Corporate Attorney =
$2,500, and CEO/President = $6,000 per quarter.  The issued shares will
than be reported in the appropriate (quarterly or annual) SEC filing. 
The recommendation was prepared for comment and included in the previous
SEC 10K filing.  Comments were to be submitted to Advanced Technologies
Inc. 716 Yarmouth Road, Suite 215, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274, (note, a
new current address has been provided) or by E-mail to 

The shareholder response has been supportive of the proposed compensation
package.  In light of favorable response, the board of directors has
adopted the proposed compensation package beginning the first fiscal
quarter of 2006 beginning October 1, 2005.

Mr. Alan Curtis has resigned as Advance Technologies Inc. corporate counsel
for personal reasons.  We wish Mr. Curtis the best, and thank him for his
support in the past.  The board of directors is reviewing several options. 
Our need for a retained counsel is being reviewed.  The BOD is looking into
our need to out source the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance review.  

Advance Technologies Inc. has been involved with a SEC committee that is
attempting to secure relief from S/O compliance for BB small cap fully
reporting corporations.  The need for S/O reporting and compliance is not
in dispute, but the full weight of compliance on Corporations like Advance
Technologies Inc., in our opinion, penalizes small Cap-corporation and
their shareholders far more than any perceived benefit. 

Notice of Intent to sell common shares

Mr. Ball has submitted a notice of intent to sell up to one million
(1,000,000) shares of AVTX in a private transaction.  The private sale of
common stock is in compliance with SEC rule 144.  The sale of the total
amount of these shares will reduce Mr. Ball and Mrs. Ball's joint holding
in Advance Technologies Inc. by approximately 6%. 

Change of Address

Advance Technologies Inc. is in the process of changing our place of
business.  The change to a permanent address is in progress at this time. 
Our temporary address is:

Advance Technologies Inc.
2905 A Sepulveda 333
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Tel:  (310) 213-2143
Fax: (310) 546-3388

Pursuant to the requirement of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the  
registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the  
undersigned thereunto duly authorized.  
                                   ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  
Date: August 10, 2005                 By: /s/ GARY E. BALL 
                                           Gary E. Ball 
                                           President and Director