Amidst The War In The Middle East – U.S. Evangelist Sean Feucht, Lebanese Christian Carine Bassili and Jewish Israeli Singer-Songwriter & IDF Member Yair Levi Released A Song Messaging Peace & Love

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Amidst The War In The Middle East - U.S. Evangelist Sean Feucht, Lebanese Christian Carine Bassili and Jewish Israeli Singer-Songwriter & IDF Member Yair Levi Released A Song Messaging Peace & Love
“God of Israel”, a peace anthem, topped iTunes Christian music charts hours after it was released. It has hit the #1 place on Spotify. All cultures can share the Love of God in all of its splendor, regardless of the differences in how each person approaches the Lord. Music can bring the message of peace and Love that can be felt in each person’s soul.

”Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9).”

New York, New York - December 5, 2023 - The new song, “God of Israel”, released by 3 diverse individuals, shows that people of different religious upbringing can join together in the celebration of the Lord. The speed at which this song spread throughout the world and ascended the Christian music charts is a testament to its message.

The vast majority of worldly citizens look to God for their spiritual strength and join in prayer to see peace in the Middle East and all over the globe. During a recent interview, Carine Bassili made these comments, “We must obey the Word of God no matter what the price. He is the true God of Israel. Whether they like it or not, the word Israel is mentioned in the Bible 2,500 times.”

“We can’t escape or hide the truth, but the problem in Lebanon is that not all Christians read the Bible and for Muslims, it’s even written in the Quran 70 to 80 times. Human beings are driven by emotions and not facts anymore, sadly, but there is hope as long as we are still here and doing the Lord’s work.”

Bassili says God of Israel. which is sung in Arabic, Hebrew and English, was written in a time of war against Israel in spring 2022, when she says her heart was broken for Israeli like never before.

“While I was communicating with my Israeli friends, they were in their bomb shelters,” she says. “I started playing psalms on my guitar and fell into Psalm 105 and that was the birth of a song written in a time of war, before this war even broke out.”

Because of her collaboration with Yair Levi in a healing song called Refa na, Bassili has been banned from returning to her home country of Lebanon, which she loves. She was banned from some other Arabic countries also.

U.S. Evangelist Sean Feucht said: “It’s really powerful when you see people that are not supposed to be seen together that are seen together, and the song is an act of God itself. Songs go to places where bias and cancel culture can never go. It’s highly controversial because it doesn’t go along with the media’s narrative and it shows people there is a better way. It shows that people that God can bring about a unity that the world says can never happen. The song in of itself is a prophetic sign of unity and breakthrough that God wants to bring right now to the world we live in.”

Yair Levi is a Jewish Israeli singer, songwriter, and musical producer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yair, a Jewish Levite (descendants of the Tribe of Levi) who served as a Captain in the Israeli Navy Seals for 8 years, creates a unique mixture of Jewish soul music with his faith and Biblical values. Through his songs, Yair is able to revive ancient music and bring it to today’s world. Yair’s Music and personal journey led him to various musical cooperations with Israel’s leading musicians. In the last two years his journey has taken him across the borders of Israel.

About Carine Bassili: Carine was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon during the Civil War. Overcoming the traumas of war, Carine felt a call in her heart for peace. Not truly understanding it she went on a journey of healing and forgiveness all in the name of love and peace. Now living in the United States along with her husband, she started a nonprofit called, Pure Love Ministries with the mission to reach and fight for people all over the world, especially the Middle East through worship, advocacy and humanitarian work.

The last few years she has felt a call to raise her voice and her song calling for peace between Lebanon and Israel. In fact, she was able to release for the very first time in history, a song with whom she was taught through war was her number one enemy, an Israeli singer. The song went viral all over Israel the Middle East and reached to Mexico the USA.

Carine said, “I want people to know that my stand with Israel is Biblical and not against Palestinians at all. I have helped many through my organization.”

“Even though I have family killed in Lebanon at the hand of Palestinians, we took them refuge in our country as the first bomb that fell on Lebanon was from Palestinians missiles. It was on my great grandfather, but all the terror they caused to my family and the Christian’s in Lebanon, I choose not to hate them.”

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