Benzinga To Host Exclusive Free ETFs Unlocked Webinar on November 30; Several Notable Voices to Discuss How ETFs Offer Investors Diversification And Exposure to Broad Range of Assets

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Benzinga, a leading financial media and events company, is thrilled to announce the upcoming ETFs Unlocked Webinar, a thought-provoking virtual panel discussion on navigating investment strategies in the evolving financial landscape as we approach 2024. The event is scheduled for November 30, and free registration is open to all.

As the financial landscape undergoes changes, investors are increasingly drawn to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) for various reasons. One key factor driving this trend is the appeal of a diversified approach to investing, particularly in the face of economic uncertainty. ETFs offer investors exposure to a broad range of assets, such as stocks, bonds, or commodities, providing a way to spread risk across various sectors and industries. This diversification can act as a risk management tool, helping investors navigate volatile market conditions more effectively.

For sophisticated traders, leveraged ETFs have gained popularity due to their ability to amplify both upward and inverse moves in single stocks. This feature allows traders to potentially maximize returns in a relatively short period.

The growing interest in ETFs reflects a broader shift in investment strategies, with investors increasingly valuing the versatility, diversification, and potential for short-term gains that these funds offer in today’s financial landscape.

The ETFs Unlocked Webinar will delve into crucial topics such as:

Outlook for Investments in a Changing Economic Environment:

  • Examining how evolving economic conditions may affect investment strategies.

  • Identifying sectors poised for strong performance in the shifting financial landscape.

Sectors to Watch for Continued Strength:

  • Exploring sectors that offer potential opportunities for investors amid changing market dynamics.

  • Highlighting strategies for navigating a dynamic economic environment.

Focus on Sectors During Economic Transitions:

  • Discussing sectors that should be in focus during economic transitions.

Impact of Market Conditions on Various Investment Categories:

  • Analyzing how changing market conditions influence the performance of different investment categories.

Performance of Investment Income Streams:

  • Addressing the critical question of how investment income streams are expected to perform in the coming year.

This engaging panel discussion will feature industry experts including Dave Gilreath CFP®, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at Innovative Portfolios; Yuri Khodjamirian, CIO at Tema ETFs; Eva Ados, COO & Chief Investment Strategist, ERShares; Joel Shulman, CEO at ERShares; John Ciampaglia, CEO at Sprott Asset Management; Daniel Santiago, Vice President, VantagePoint Software; and Sylvia Jablonski, CEO, CIO at DeFiance ETFs.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from these esteemed speakers, making the ETFs Unlocked Webinar a must-attend event for investors and financial professionals.

To register for free and secure your spot at the ETFs Unlocked Webinar, please visit the Benzinga Virtual Events Registration Page.

Event Details:

Partners of the Event:

  • Dave Gilreath CFP®, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Innovative Portfolios

  • Yuri Khodjamirian, CIO, Tema ETFs

  • Eva Ados, COO & Chief Investment Strategist, ERShares

  • Joel Shulman, CEO, ERShares

  • John Ciampaglia, CEO, Sprott Asset Management

  • Sylvia Jablonski, CEO, CIO, DeFiance ETFs

  • Daniel Santiago, Vice President, VantagePoint Software

Don't miss this unique opportunity to stay ahead in the financial landscape. Register today for the ETFs Unlocked Webinar and unlock the insights you need for a successful investment strategy.

For media inquiries, please contact Matt Steinmetz, Vice President of Virtual Events at Benzinga.

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