Flying Pain-Free with an Orthopedic Knee

By: DGI Wire


NEW YORK – (DGIwire) — To some, air travel is an inconvenience. However, for those with medical implants such as joint replacements, the experience can be especially harrowing, due to the physical exertion of navigating cramped aisles and the average coach-class seat.

Some things for people with artificial hips and knees to know before they fly:

1.      Before making any plans, consult a physician to make sure sufficiently healing has occurred.

2.      Bring aspirin and wear compression stockings to avoid any discomfort or inflammation.

3.      Request a wheelchair while going through the airport, ask for pre-boarding and allow extra time to go through security.

4.      Purchase an aisle seat and stretch at regular intervals.

5.      Drink plenty of water to combat cabin pressure.

Even with such precautions, air travel will never again be completely hassle-free. However, for those with artificial joints, it can now be a lot less excruciating thanks to new technology. OMNIlife science, for example, is committed to keeping patients comfortable by designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest-quality orthopedic devices for hip and knee replacement surgeries, specifically made to match a patient’s individual anatomic requirements.

“In recent years, air travel has become more complex for passengers,” says George B. Cipolletti, President and CEO of OMNIlife Science. “It is more of an ordeal for the healthiest of individuals, and more so for those with joint problems. New joints can help make their lives easier not only on the plane but in every other aspect of their lives.”

OMNIlife Science has developed the APEX Hip Replacement System and APEX Knee Reconstruction System, which were created to maximize range of motion and improve stability while enabling surgeons to remove less bone and disturb less soft tissue. In addition, the company’s ART™ Surgical Navigation System allows surgeons to build a patient-specific 3D model of the joint; no preoperative CT or MRI is required which means NO radiation exposure for the patient. This is complemented by an intelligent robotic guide that automatically positions instruments to optimize the alignment of the implant. This is the only total knee replacement procedure available today utilizing a robot to assist the surgeon in performing an optimized knee replacement – only OMNIlife Science offers it and only with the APEX Knee System.



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