Southern California Junior Cricket Host The 79th International Cricket Awards Banquet In Los Angeles On Saturday, November 17th, 2018

The Southern California Cricket Association, established Circa 1935, presents the 79th annual International Cricket awards banquet. The international cricket awards banquet is being held on Saturday, November 17th, 2018. Featuring speeches from prominent keynote speaker Sunil Gavaskar - former India's International test player. Master of Ceremonies Max Howard and featuring music by Di ONeil. Advance tickets are $85 and $75@ the door... doors open 6 p.M. To 12:30 a.M. For information please contact RAY DEE @ 818-469-3160, this event will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel @ 5985 Century Boulevard, Los Angeles CA, 90045.

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2018

Cricket as a sport has OLD English origins dating back to the 1400’s. Based on how the term “the empire where the sun never sets” goes, cricket moved up to high status in British high society colonial social circles quickly upon its introduction by the native peoples of British occupation at the time.

It is safe to say the bat-and-ball game of cricket has at times flourished and alternately barely survived in the new world of post-colonialism.

The big question on everyone’s mind is weather Cricket will become the new soccer… A sport which I was carved out a massive International Niche for itself, and many optimistic observers experts and raving fans the world over believe that the time has come for Cricket to move into the center stage of sports prominence and awareness in the United States and abroad.

The Economics Of International Cricket

The fanfare and fervor that cricket engenders is mainly credited to the south Asian population that represents a fifth of whole planet’s population.

India–in which cricket is nearly a pseudoreligion–has a population in excess of 1 BILLION people, which in combination with the shockingly strong viewership in Pakistan, England, Australia, and other nations makes cricket the 2nd most watched sports contest on earth.

This happening narrows the contest to basketball and cricket for the place of the worlds second most popular sport behind soccer.

In the defense of basketball, the sport is transcending from its home nation of origin in the United States into an international game beloved by fans all over the world in its own right.

Modern leagues in cricket have often traditionally been confined to the regions where the game has a foundation that was strong. Cricket is largely unknown to a major portion of the South and North American populace, which has limited its prospects for international growth in the past.

Basketball, on the other hand, is catering to the audiences and preferences of viewers and fans from China, The Philippines, and Australia and as a result of pursuing these markets has seen marked growth on the international sports stage over the last decade.

Taking a cue from this successful approach, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is integrating dynamic new rules and formats which transform cricket as the game was introduced by the ICC way back when, these changes are making modern cricket a faster moving and more dynamic and engaging experience for new fans and enthusiasts of the sport.

Increase In International Awareness Of Cricket

These new rules and format of play have injected the tenacity and excitement into the traditional cricket match that was previously missing for new fans, as the old and often overtly complicated rules could be intimidating to potential new fans of cricket.

The new format gave rise to profitable domestic leagues such as the Premier League (IPL) which have become successful international ventures.

Surprising as it might look, the news of the IPL valuation at the surplus of 4 billion US dollars. There are different leagues looking to capitalize on international attention and earnings that can be created by a significant increase in international demand for cricket.

Aside from Europe and Asia, crickets fame in Africa has a strong lead over basketball as well. ZimbabKenyaenya and South Africa have a population that’s wildly enthusiastic about cricket.

Cricket also has a strong national base in the Caribbean Islands where it’s a very popular national sport and pastime.

The strong and growing following that cricket enjoys amongst these massive populations as well as its positive reception thus far on the world stage has led key advocates of the sport to be very optimistic in their future projections for the international growth of the sport of cricket.

Cricket’s massive passionate following largely come from the third world or developing nations… but the goal of the Southern California Cricket Association in partnership with the Southern California Junior Cricket league, is to bring the sport of cricket to the forefront of the western sports stage.

Attend this one of a kind banquet in Los Angeles CA, On Saturday, November 17th, 2018 and hear all about the fascinating history and the exciting future of cricket in the United States and around the world.

Be sure to attend this amazing and fun event and find out what the cricket craze is all about.

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About Southern California Junior Cricket

The vision of Southern California Junior Cricket is simple: To introduce cricket to children of all social and ethnic groups within Southern California regardless of disabilities or challenges, and prepare them through our programs to play socially and competitively, within age-related groups in local, state, national and international cricket competitions.

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