Total Foundation Repair San Antonio Explains Why Foundation Issues are Prevalent and Offers Concrete Solutions

foundation repair contractor inspecting a foundation for damage

foundation repair contractor inspecting a foundation for damage

Foundation repair worker measuring a foundation

Foundation repair worker measuring a foundation

repairing a commercial foundation

repairing a commercial foundation

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio has learned the common causes of foundation issues and is committed to helping customers with affordable foundation repairs.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective foundation repair solutions in San Antonio.”— John G.SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2019 / -- They say “everything is bigger in Texas”. Unfortunately, this common saying holds true for foundation problems. Approximately 1 in 5 homeowners will experience foundation issues at some point during their residency in San Antonio. With this incredible statistic, the necessity for foundation repair in San Antonio increases each year as older structures age and newer ones are built. The question is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and information about the problem is limited to only a few sources. So, let’s get into it: why are foundation problems so common in San Antonio, Texas?

There are a variety of factors that influence the stability of a structure. First and foremost, the foundation type needs to be considered. In San Antonio, the most common foundation types are either concrete slab, which are built directly upon the ground, or pier and beam, which sit elevated upon concrete, steel, or wood posts. Since pier and beam foundations are more expensive and have more stringent weight limits, concrete slab is by far the most common and preferred foundation due to its inexpensive and generally sturdy nature. Although both foundation types have pros and cons, concrete slab foundations are more susceptible to foundation issues due to their direct contact with the earth and larger surface area.

In concrete slab construction, ground and soil preparation is essential to building a sturdy foundation that is built to last. If the soil is not properly compacted first, foundation issues are likely to develop due to weather variation and foundation shifting. After leveling the foundation, a support network of steel reinforcing rods (also known as rebar) is laid within the perimeter of the foundation and concrete is poured directly on top to a thickness of at least six inches in the center, depending on the size of the intended structure.

Building size is directly proportional to foundation issues, especially with the concrete slab variety. As a foundation covers a wider area, it becomes increasingly necessary to abide by proper construction practices. That is, avoiding improper soil preparation and leveling, temperature variation while pouring concrete, and poor quality building materials (rebar, concrete, and other supporting elements). Failure to do so will result in a weak foundation that will eventually show the following symptoms: cracks in the foundation, interior and exterior walls, and door/window frames, uneven floors, doors that don’t close or open fully, and noticeable foundation shifting.

To compound these issues further, the composition of the Texas soil is mostly clay based and excavating through this clay and rock is expensive. This is one reason why San Antonio homes are commonly built without basements. Also, due to the permeability of this clay soil, moisture is absorbed in large quantities. This causes expansion and exerts excess pressure against the foundation during periods of rain. As the soil dries out, the released tension results in gaps between the foundation, which creates instability over time.

As any expert foundation repair company would, Total Foundation Repair San Antonio does not just treat the symptoms of foundation damage, but looks at underlying causal factors to determine how repairs can not only be made effectively, but permanently. This saves customers money in the long term and ensures that their property value will not be impacted by future foundation issues. It is common knowledge that a home with foundation problems is less marketable, but what most people don’t know is that a home that has repairs performed can be more marketable because future foundation problems are less likely to occur. A reputable foundation repair contractor will only use patented foundation repair products and offer a warranty that is often transferrable in the event the property is sold. This ensures that prospective buyers can be confident in their purchase.

To effectively repair a foundation, certain techniques are employed that involve leveling the foundation, soil injection, or mudjacking. Foundation leveling is the process of adding additional piers or helical pilings to restore the structure to its original state. By leveling the foundation, symptoms such as cracks, uneven floors, or gaps in doors can be corrected. In some cases, mudjacking is utilized, which is a process of injecting concrete under or around the foundation to correct its position. Soil injection refers to a process of treating the clay soil with a special solution of potassium ions that bonds to the soil and offers a permanent fix.

Foundation issues can start off benign, but can quickly turn into a serious problem. Failure to fix foundation problems can result in serious property damage and be a significant safety concern. It is worth noting that any foundation work or repairs should not be considered without first consulting a licensed, insured, and professional foundation repair contractor.

Total Foundation Repair San Antonio specializes in all types of foundation repair, including commercial applications. Their free home health evaluation program helps current or prospective home and business owners learn about their foundation, pinpoint areas of concern, and offer free estimates on foundation repairs if necessary.

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