FINSOR HOLDING invest into e-commerce founding ITASON

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New York City, Jun 1, 2020 ( - The primary mission for a Holding company is to manage finances to expand results, a vision that seems to be clear to its founder, the Italian businessman, Manuel Ros that he just invented a new concept relates to his own country, and that will be developed at first in Italy.

ITASON is the newborn, a company part of its financial FINSOR HOLDING, having headquarter in New York, dedicated to operate over the e-commerce industry, having a new concept innovative, and never existed before. The name chooses by Manuel Ros represents the purpose of the company, mean "ITAlian Store ONline" expressing the love he owns for his country.

ITASON core business has been based on a friendly conversation, Manuel Ros had with one of his friends, lamenting the fact that inside his stores, physically present in Italy, there was a large number of articles ready to wear. Still, no clients were walking inside the shop to buy it, expressing limitations on the geographic position of each store.

Immediately Manuel Ros absorbed the problem and, using his analysis abilities, understood the need to create a "bridge" between a potential buyer, physically located somewhere in the world and its article that he is looking to buy it, considering that for each product create, there is a buyer. On this idea, Manuel Ros invented ITASON.

"Companies in the world before performing their activities must invest a lot to money to create a store where stocks articles without having the guarantee to sell it. ITASON has a huge store of product at zero cost with no investment," using this expression, Manuel Ros initiates the concept explanation.

"I believe that for each article there a buyer somewhere and physical stores are limited by the physical human presence, is enough that a potential buyer walk just in the street behind your shop, that you will not sell you a product," ITASON is a bridge to join the buyer with the product that he is looking for.

A dedicate technology system has been created to offer to each store the chance to expose all its products over the ITASON platform, that linked to a strategic informatics system will bring the article in front of the eyes of its potential buyer even if he is located at the other side of the world.

ITASON, in reality, being part of FINSOR HOLDING, enjoys the financial platform offered by "the sister" REMAR, for which has been possible to create a payment system where the client will not see his money withdraw from its credit card until he declares his satisfaction, giving the option to refuse and to return it without chasing his money.

The whole concept will protect each party involved, including the store from any wrong attitude; the money will be released only upon customer satisfaction to have bought a certified Italian fashion product. 

Yes, because Manuel Ros has invented ITASON to support all physical Italian stores to sell their authentic products supporting their economy. The whole concept has been made for the Italian market only, where the company will own in Milan a commercial office, controlled by the ITASON head office organized inside the large FINSOR HOLDING headquarter in New York, with the firm concept, Manuel Ros has decided to compete with all giants.

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