CEO’s of Okta, Twilio, NexTech and IAC/Interactivecorp Discuss New Enterprise & Consumer Trends in Video and Digital Connectivity in Telehealth, Workspace, E-Commerce & Education

NEW YORK, July 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from leaders at IAC/Interactivecorp's (NASDAQ: IAC), Twilio, Inc. (NYSE: TWLO), NexTech AR (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) and Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ: OKTA).

Cloud-based video connectivity, & collaboration are rapidly transforming education, healthcare, and the workspace. Wall Street Reporter highlights tech leaders comments and insights from recent earnings and analyst calls.

Twilio, Inc. (NYSE: TWLO) Chairman and CEO Jeff Lawson: “Twilio platform provides three things world needs now: digital engagement, software agility & cloud scale”

“…Twilio was built for this moment, we offer the three things that companies need as they are accelerating their digital plans: That is digital engagement, all the channels, whether it's voice or messaging, or video or chat or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger...all these channels as we've moved, so many, in person face-to-face workloads to digital workloads…Agility… Twilio provides the ability for organizations to be agile, to build iteratively as the nature of what they need to build, and how they need to address the changing circumstances continues to evolve…And the third thing we offer is cloud scale. Now, this isn't the moment where you can spend, months planning your capacity requirements and we are racking up the data centre to plan for your peak, you need to build something you need to deploy it. And you need it to work pretty much instantly...And Twilio brings that to the table."

“I believe the investments that companies are making are going to be durable, like the changes that are occurring in our society right now, are going to persist in many ways…many doctors' visits for example, are going to stay as telehealth visits after COVID is over… many more ecommerce or food delivery or curbside pickup like a lot of these things that are getting normalized right now will start to become even more normal.”

Highlighting Twilio use cases: “…demand for telehealth solutions has soared. Virtual care became a new reality for doctors, nurses, clinicians and millions of patients around the world and Epic, the company that supports the comprehensive health records of 250 million people mobilized to build its own telehealth platform, powered by Twilio's programmable video. The solution allows providers to launch a video visit with a patient, review relevant patient history and update clinical documentation directly within Epic.”

“Comcast integrated Twilio voice into their homegrown customer database, enabling technicians and customer care to contact customers for service requests remotely. They also initiated a pilot to incorporate Twilio video into the same database, which can enable a customer to use the camera on their phone to show a Comcast technician their setup and the technician can walk them through a self diagnosis and repair without ever setting foot in their home.”

Earnings call highlights available at:

IAC/Interactivecorp's (NASDAQ: IAC) CEO Joey Levin: “Enterprise Use of Video is Accelerating - Consumer Behavior Changes Will Be Sticky”

In a recent analyst call with IAC/Interactivecorp's Business Leaders, IAC CEO Joey Levin, and Vimeo CEO, Anjali Sud answered analyst questions about growing use of video. Answering an analyst question, about IAC chairman Barry Diller’s recent remark that he “expects the world to return to normal after the pandemic passes”:

Joey Levin: “Of course, I agree with that. And the question is, is normal identical to what it was or is normal different but still normal, comfortable, we're not isolated and things like that?…. I think this (video livestream) is a great way for us to interact. I can be closer to your face than I would be in person. We can have an audience, which is easy and helpful for more shareholders to be able to participate. And I think (video meetings) is a fantastic format….When we think about Vimeo specifically, which is where we have a lot of exposure in this area…Right now, that (Vimeo enterprise) customer is communicating with their audience by video about COVID. But when the diner comes back open and everybody is fully in the store, they're still going to want to communicate with those customers by video…that is very sticky and a meaningful change in consumer behavior…So I do think, and I'm sure Barry Diller as well thinks, that changes in consumer behavior created by this or accelerated by this are permanent and sticky, but also, there is a time that the world will go back to normal with the benefit of, that diner now has the ability to communicate that they always had plus the ability to communicate with video, and they'll use that. And I expect that to be the case across a lot of areas.”

Anjali Sud, CEO Vimeo: "We’re seeing our ARPU increase in both our self-serve and our enterprise business. And our view is that as we unlock more capabilities and utility and in the enterprise side, as more people across the organization and team start to use video, there is opportunities to increase our pricing. ..We’re really focused on moving people up tiers.. So starting maybe with the town hall, live streaming the town hall, and then moving to be powering video for the marketing team or for HR onboarding and training. So that motion is really where we’re seeing a lot of opportunity. And I think we’re seeing it right now in our numbers…”

“One thing you’ll see, live streaming is a good example where the willingness to pay tends to be higher for live streaming because it’s real time. You need it to be flawless. You need the quality to be great. And you’re often broadcasting to large numbers of people. So it’s one of our higher tier plans. And so over the pandemic as demand for live streaming has increased, that has had a real impact on our ARPU. And so that’s really the approach we’re taking.”

“As it relates to distribution, we really don’t see ourselves any longer as competing with a Facebook or a YouTube. We really see ourselves as helping you put your videos onto those platforms, as well as anywhere else on the web. And today, one of the big parts of our value proposition is that once you have a video, we’ll help you make videos, we’ll help you live stream content. You can also simultaneously distribute that content natively onto Facebook and YouTube and LinkedIn and Twitter and your website.”

“And that actually is a major value proposition for us. And it’s really the difference between being a destination, which is what YouTube and Facebook are, and a walled garden, where they’re trying to keep content on their platform, and our sort of soft SaaS B2B approach, which is how do we help you get your videos everywhere…I don’t see Facebook and YouTube and any -- really any distribution platform as a competitor. I think they’re a partner, and we’re very focused on actually integrating with them in a variety of ways. And you’ll see us do more partnerships and integrations with exactly those players over the year.”

IAC Analyst call highlights available at:

NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) CEO Evan Gappelberg: “$150 Billion Tradeshows & Meetings Market Being Displaced by Virtual & Video Meetings”

In a July 9 presentation at Wall Street Reporter’s “Next Super Stock” livestream investor conference, CEO Evan Gappleberg shared with investors how NexTech, video conference and AR solutions are displacing the $150 billion tradeshow and meeting market. Up for grabs is the digital transformation of the global trade show market

Businesses, educational institutions and governments are turning to video conferencing and virtual meetings, such as NexTech’s InfernoAR platform. NexTech’s InfernoAR video conference platform which boasts Augmented Reality tech features, provides the large scale, secure, meeting solutions these enterprises demand. In his presentation, Gappleberg describes how NexTech revenues are now accelerating with increasing velocity of new customer wins.

NexTech (OTC: NEXCF) will be a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s Next Super Stock livestream this Thursday, July 23, click here to join:

On July 22, NEXCF reported preliminary Q2 2020 results: Revenue increases +133% to $3.5 million. Gross Profit increases +171% to $2.1 million with a 60% margin.

On July 8, NEXCF announced it has filed to up-list its shares to NASDAQ.

On July 13, NEXCF announced new collaborative video conferencing solutions addressing the Telemedicine/Healthtech and Edtech markets. The new video conferencing features will integrate collaborative classroom learning, one to one networking and traditional video conferencing directly into the platform letting users seamlessly launch and manage both collaborative experiences and large audience events directly from InfernoAR. This new capability addresses the global Edtech market expected to hit $345 billion by 2025 (according to Business Insider) and the fast growing Telemedicine market which according to Statista was valued at some $45 billion U.S. dollars. 

New client wins for NexTech’s InfernoAR video conferencing and virtual events announced in recent weeks include: Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD), National Association of Medicaid Program Integrity (NAMPI) and the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD), in partnership with ARB Meetings and Events.  Gappelberg commented: “This latest client win is an example of another institution, choosing InfernoAR for its enhanced security, amplified video and immersive augmented reality experiences over the competition. After we acquired InfernoAR we went to work on bringing to market not just a video conference platform, but the best and most secure platform on the market with the added feature of AR. We are now in the final stages of launching new and disruptive augmented reality features embedded into InfernoAR, called 'ScreenAR'. We believe that once this new 'ScreenAR' technology is launched, we will have a competitive edge accelerating the adoption of InfernoAR by enterprise global brands in 2020 and beyond. “

On June 25, NexTech announced a partnership with Fastly (FSLY), a global edge cloud platform, achieving a breakthrough in enterprise video security. Its implementation of JWT with Fastly brings token authentication to the edge greatly enhancing security and performance.

NEXT SUPER STOCK (OTC: NEXCF) July 9 Conference Presentation available at:

July 23 NexTech (OTC: NEXCF) will be a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s Next Super Stock livestream, click here to join:

Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ: OKTA) CEO Todd McKinnon: “Megatrends of Increased Adoption of Cloud and Hybrid IT, Digital Transformation Accelerating

“The megatrends of increased adoption of cloud and hybrid IT, digital transformation and Zero Trust Security have been driving our business for the past several years and will continue to drive our business well into the future…once we emerge from the crisis stage of this pandemic, we expect to see an acceleration of these trends. These trends resonate now more than ever and our leadership position going into this crisis will be further enhanced as we expand our presence and product offerings.”

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon noted the necessity for business to “pivot with agility”: “We were one of the first companies to host a large virtual event, two events, if you include our Investor Day. It was an unexpected and challenging task, but both events were incredibly successful and our customer and investor feedback was amazing.

“We had nearly 20,000 registrations for Oktane20 Live, which is over 3x what we had been expecting for the in-person event. We operate in a world where innovation, agility, and adaptability have always been important and our ability to quickly pivot to virtual events exemplifies what makes Okta successful.”  In a June 21 article in The Wall Street Journal about how tech industry is shifting its large scale conferences to virtual events, McKinnon said the Octane virtual event generated more than 5,000 sales leads, compared with just a few hundred last year. “It turned out there were big advantages to going virtual,” he said.

Okta conference call highlights available at:

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