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New York, Nov 19, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - Coinomize is a bitcoin mixer that enables all Bitcoin owners to carefully protect their Bitcoin transaction history so that they become untraceable to the third party. Without any mixing, Bitcoins become traceable along with your transaction history and wallet addresses within the Blockchain. Coinomize does not store any user logs and offers premium privacy and identity protection by mixing your Bitcoins through an easy and affordable service platform.

Bitcoin mixers or bitcoin tumbler disguise the cash flow of BTCs and helps users to protect the privacy of assets. Bitcoins have revolutionized transaction functionality as one of the leading cryptocurrencies and is rendered as anonymous in its concept and ideas. But in reality, this anonymity is not or only to a limited extent guaranteed in the usual use of BTC. Transactions are always stored in the Blockchain which is publicly visible. If someone assigns the address of a Bitcoin Wallet to a specific person or company, tracing of the transaction and the amounts involved becomes available to everyone. This is comparable to a bank account where every transactional detail can be traced. This drawback of Bitcoin or BTC has been challenged and fixed by a Bitcoin mixer.

Such services are known as mixers, tumblers, or bitcoin blender where Bitcoins paid in by several agencies are transferred anonymously to the wallet addresses specified by the payers. For example, Max sends 10 BTC to the Bitcoin mixer, Paul 15 BTC, and Anna 3 Bitcoin. The amounts are split into small amounts and mixed with each other and with all other users of the Bitcoin mixing service. The origins of Max, Anna, and Paul's Bitcoins are thus no longer traceable, and they can easily withdraw their coins to a bank account without anyone being able to trace it back.

Statistical analysis by some well-known companies reveals that approximately 8% of all the mixed bitcoins come from illegal sources. Using or implementing a Bitcoin tumbler service is not illegal and is used with the aim to protect user wallets from falling prey to criminal and hacker activities. There is always news flowing about how hackers steal millions of dollars and by using Bitcoin mixing services, this can be prevented. Coinomize is a Bitcoin blender that is addressing this issue with its technological efficiency. There are many sites that simply withhold large amounts and only mix the small ones. It is thus caution is required with many. Therefore it is always very difficult to test the service with small amounts because it can look completely different with larger amounts.

Coinomize.biz is one of the leading bitcoin laundry services in the market today. It has emerged with great liquidity, successful test runs with large amounts, and good customer feedback. One can choose the fees and the time delay themselves, thus retaining transactional confidentiality in their own hands. In the times to come, cryptocurrencies other than just Bitcoin will be introduced in their services and the site is constantly being improved and the customer service is simply top-notch with queries being addressed, sometimes in just under 1 hour. To use Coinomize, you simply need a Bitcoin payout address and nothing more. Your data is not stored and you are a 100% anonymous user of the mixer. The user-friendly platform also allows for easy, convenient steps. On the mixing page, you can select your settings (send delay + fees) and enter your payout address. Coinomize offers a so-called Letter of Guarantee. This letter of guarantee guarantees that the deposit address really comes from Coinomize and not from a fake site. To verify the signed message, visit their FAQ page, where you will find their Bitcoin address used for this. Coinomize has 3 domains ending with .biz, .co and .is and a Tor Onion address. You can check your transaction at any time after making a deposit by clicking on the "Status" link, even when you close the page. Coinomize.biz accept now also Bitcoin SegWit payout addresses.

Coinomize is revolutionizing safe and secure Bitcoin transactions that will open the gates to the future of digital finances and e-commerce. To learn more about their site and your opportunities, visit their website at http://coinomize.biz.

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