Danko Resiliente: Generation Z will Reshape the Economy

Employees will fire their employers and fast food will be printed in your home.

(PRUnderground) November 30th, 2020

Elders think Generation Z is all about Crazy Dances and Social Media, they’re so wrong.

People say we turn into our parents one day.  It also seems we forget that we were once our kids, especially when we criticize their music and habits.  If you think Gen Z is all about IG and TikTok, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Gen Z entrepreneurs have the advantage in every way except for experience.  However, accessing an e-book and retrieving specific information within seconds fills the void of experience.  Accept the fact that the younger generation is well equipped and capable of breaking all of our records; here’s why.

Cell memory and genes

Think about all the things that can be passed down through the generations, such as the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and genetic abnormalities.  Healthcare professionals warn us about the adverse conditions that can be passed down from our elders.  On the other hand, the best qualities can be passed on through DNA, which is why sperm banks are very picky about the accomplishments of those who donate.

Primary cell memory is a real thing.  For instance, when skin cells renew, they’re replaced with new skin cells. Or, when you cut your arm, your skin heals with arm-skin instead of growing a new ear or tooth where the cut was.  According to Sciencealert.com, even extraordinary experiences can be passed on through DNA too.

The advantage of the younger generations is they have the best memories and traits already installed in them, so when they easily retrieve the information, they can add more to it like an upgrade.  The ability to upgrade is why records are broken continuously every few years.

A human can only upgrade so many times before it’s considered evolving. 

Technology can improve tenfold the average multitasker’s abilities.  If the young entrepreneur has the ability in their genes, they can enhance it by far.  Author Danko Resiliente stated in Volume 1 of Memoirs of a Hardcore Entrepreneur that he believes autism is a form of evolution because records of autistic people have shown super-human abilities.  These abilities can include a nearly non-verbal five-year-old named Davihn, who suddenly begins to talk and names every notable corporation’s headquarters, founders, and founding dates by memory because they made his toys.

In 2009 an Autistic artist named Stephen Wiltshire was taken on a helicopter ride over Manhattan, New York.  After landing, Wiltshire drew an accurate panoramic picture of Manhattan from his photographic memory.  True photographic memory is so rare in adults that it is considered a phenomenon to some.  But this wasn’t a random one-time thing because Wilshire performed this feat several times.  If you visit Stephen Wiltshire’s art gallery in London, you can see his Tokoyo and Dubai drawings and more.  Can superheroes like Wiltshire have the adverse genetics deleted so that only their strengths pass on to their children?

Through genetic engineering, ultra-enhanced qualities can be extracted from the people who possess them and put into an embryo that gradually blend into the population.  There’s no “if” to it because it’s already happening. If you look into a large crowd at a concert or beach, some people you see had their gender and eye colors chosen before they were born.

Ready or not, with the help of technology, humans are evolving.

Self Employment Innovation

For centuries citizens of the workforce worried their jobs would find ways to replace them.  Nowadays, citizens found ways to replace their employers.  Imagine sitting in the parking lot before your shift, with the hours you hate most, and receiving an email from another company stating you can log in and begin work today with the freedom to work at any time.  This means you can pay your bills and do what you want to do when you want to do it.  People are smart enough these days to choose equal or less pay for more happiness.

The entrepreneurial evolution started with Millennials, who then had children who learned from them.  The most recent entrepreneurial evolution is more like the “1099 Evolution” because nowadays, the people who were once employees of a larger company are now freelanced contractors performing the same jobs.

All of the pep talks Mellinials used to receive from Generation X, who were against traditional capitalism, gave birth to a wealth of freelance resources ranging from Fiverr’s likes to the popular rideshare gigs we know of today.  There are tech companies today that broker contractors for warehouse work.  For the first time, it’s normal for a warehouse to have many workers who are self-employed clocking-in from the apps on their smartphones.

Not only are Millennials rapidly switching to self-employment using the skills acquired over the years, but Generation Z is also graduating into adulthood with ways to start work without the need for a formal interview.

The previous generations had business ideas that would’ve existed had the technology required had been available at the time.  If the technology existed to travel faster than the speed of light, Elon Musk’s Falcon rockets would be on at least two additional planets right now.  Because of Space X, Generation Z US Airmen witnessed a self-landing rocket that delivers items into orbit like an Uber.   According to Generation Z, Space X rocketry is the new standard.

With e-commerce sites, there is plenty of room for trial and error with far less risk.  Back in the day, retail entrepreneurs had to find locations for their store if they weren’t mobile or door-to-door salespersons.  The most difficult parts were the upfront costs and lease-approvals while fingers were crossed with the old traditional ways, hoping the business succeeded.  Nowadays, a kid can open an e-commerce website in less than an hour with customers.   If the kid is popular at school and their community, their revenue can be far beyond lemonade stands, and we’re taking four to six figures of revenue all by a high schooler.  If they get bored, they can sell their website or just quit.  You probably heard of teenagers and preteens having products on the shelves at major retailers.  Any seasoned business person knows most of those child entrepreneurs are publicity stunts by their parents; however, some teens are the real deal.

In Memoirs of a Hardcore Entrepreneur Volume 2 Chapter 17, one of Danko Resiliente’s bizarre predictions is major fast-food companies will have subscription-based food printers in customer’s homes within the next 7-years.  All of the tools required to accomplish the wild idea of having a real Whopper crafted in your kitchen are present.  It’s a fact that restaurants missed revenue because the customers didn’t feel like going to them.  Imagine watching your favorite show in the comfort of your home then saying these magic words “Alexa, make me a double Whopper with Cheese, please!”

History and herstory repeats, and the kids these days are only doing what the elders did in their youth; only it looks different.  Lead by example because you can’t prepare today’s youth for tomorrow, based on yesterday’s norms, because the world that Generation X experienced as youth no longer exists.  The courses of evolution and innovation correlate, and in these times, there can hardly be one without the other.  The future looks bright.

Dano Veal

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