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Madrid, Dec 3, 2020 ( - An investment worth 450 Million Euro has just been approved by the board of directors of the investment company, Verum Investments Inc. The company intends to venture in the aerospace with the view of being the pioneers in the world. In addition to the development of an audio-visual cinematographic company already in progress, Verum has invested in the development of a residential complex for management and health research.

With its solid experience in the financial sector, VERUM INVESTMENTS INC. believes that the society is adapting to new economic state, shifting from being a consumption unit to a productive sector. Currently, digitalization, automation and robotics are taking the central stage with more ideas coming in. Unemployment rates have increased, resulting to a decline in purchasing capability and hence in consumption. This has led to shift from the various classes of living such as the middle class being pushed to lower classes. A few players in the financial sector are still struggling to act within the usual conventional methods. They are unable to sustain various companies especially those that need funding through credit. Thus, they have incurred losses as they have been out of business especially during this period.

Mr. Javier Prada, Business Development Director of Verum Investments Inc. has confirmed that many entrepreneurs have approached VERUM for rescue when it is too late to rescue them. Majority are technically bankrupt as they cannot finance and liquidity through the traditional bankrupt as they cannot access finance through the traditional paths. VERUM seeks to step in and help such business. As much as many individuals in the entrepreneurial field have the mentality of losing control and ownership of their business, VERUM strives to offer new investment formulas with such concerns in mind to guaranty success and growth of these businesses.

VERUM INVESTMENTS INC. is the new year's gift for the entrepreneurs as the company promises guaranteed growth of businesses with liquidity. With quick decision making and clarity, VERUM assures to deliver amid uncertainties. Human needs are changing drastically and the banking system has begun adapting to the future that is already present. The change will render everything we have lived for as history.

A total investment of 450 Million Euro by VERUM INVESTMENTS has been projected. The three projects that verum has undertaken has already created 3000 jobs directly and indirectly.


  • What does VERUM INVESTMENTS INC. offer? Verum offers prosperity to a business. This entails liquidity, social humanitarian benefits and security to the business.
  • Who can verum work with? VERUM works with any business, who is visionary and ready to succeed in the business world. VERUM does not look at distinction of classes or ideologies, rather than helping make dreams become realities.
  • What special service does VERUM offer? VERUM offers the freedom of a business, to work without pressure and numerous restrictions. VERUM assure the business of its control as they only come in to help but not to manage and therefore establishing good relationship with the business.
  • Why choose VERUM? VERUM assures transparency and integrity. The truth is what we practice.
  • Verum offers to guide, correct the wrong and offer solutions for future problems. This ensures continuity of the business with an aim of triumph at the end of the journey.


Work in what you like, put effort, be open minded, think fast, be honest and patient. This is the time to be wake and evolve.

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