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In 2021, homeowners are now more ready than ever to remodel their home’s kitchen, ensuring it offers a more stylish and functional space.

KANSAS CITY, MO, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In times past, busy homeowners often didn’t spend enough time in their home’s kitchen to notice outdated décor and lack of storage. In 2020, lockdown and “shelter in place” orders, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, changed that for many homeowners, as stay-at-home orders brought on a surge of kitchen renovation plans for the year 2021!

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, the area’s leading provider of new kitchen designs for Kansas City homes, has noted this sudden spike in calls, and that homeowners want to do more than just change a few surfaces or add fresh paint. “We’re seeing more homeowners planning a full-scale kitchen remodel for Kansas City homes, even wanting to change the entire footprint of the space, no doubt due in large part to spending more time in the home during lockdown orders.” While every homeowner and kitchen is different, the pros at Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling are also noticing a few hot trends that homeowners prefer, and that create a luxurious, welcoming, yet functional space for any home moving into 2021.

Kitchen Colors That Are Hot for 2021

“White might seem clean and bright but too much of it can look bland and downright dull,” notes a rep for Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling. “Hot color trends we’re seeing for 2021 include some bold choices, such as matte black for an accent wall or backsplash. Bright, unique colors are also making a comeback, as customers are requesting turquoise, creamy orange tones, and a range of blues and greens.”

These bold colors aren’t overtaking a kitchen, however, as he notes. “Think accessories or small areas of paint, such as a subtle turquoise center island or a cool blue wall behind a built-in banquette.” These colors add life to the kitchen but are also easy to change, he says.

Today’s Storage is Classic But Clever

“Pantries are a staple in any kitchen space, of course,” says Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling. “But today’s homeowners demand storage that is clever and designed for modern families.” One hot ticket item is walk-in pantries, he notes, with shelves designed to hold small appliances and cookware as well as holiday or specialty dishes, getting them off the counter and out of cabinets.
“We’ve also seen a surge in demand for built-in cabinetry, to hold items right where they’re needed,” he continues. “Building cabinets around refrigerators is a must-have kitchen design for Kansas City homes, as are larders,” or a cross between a pantry and a cabinet, offering more storage space but with a small overall footprint. See this page at House Beautiful for stunning larder ideas you can add to your home!

Broken Plan Layouts Replace an Open Design

“An open concept was a hot trend for many years,” notes Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling, “but for some customers, having an unobstructed view of the kitchen was sometimes a bit off-putting. Broken plan layouts are one of the hottest kitchen trends for 2021 in Kansas City.”
A broken plan layout, he explains, uses a barrier other than a full wall between the kitchen and dining areas. Broken plan layout barriers might include an upscale screen, a half ledge, floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving, or glass wall between the spaces, keeping them somewhat open and avoiding a claustrophobic feeling while still adding a bit of separation. “It’s one kitchen design for Kansas City homes that I think is here to stay,” he says. Check out more broken plan layout ideas at House Beautiful.

Comfort Is In for Kitchen Trends in 2021 In Kansas City

Considering how much added time is being spent at home these days, it’s no surprise that comfort is in when it comes to kitchen remodels in Kansas City. “We’re seeing a tremendous surge in design plans built for comfort and a real welcoming feeling, rather than upscale yet stark and sterile looks,” says Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling. “Rustic vogue is a popular kitchen design for Kansas City homes, which you might describe as an upscale cottage look. Think comfortable chairs, softwood finishes, and coffee bars or wine racks at your fingertips.”

New kitchen designs for Kansas City homes also reflect how lockdown orders have kept more people working from home. “We’re seeing more designs with comfortable chairs and spacious tables you can use for working all day while still providing a clean and presentable backdrop for Zoom calls,” he says. “A dining room table is now serving as an office like never before, so it needs to be spacious yet comfortable for all-day use.”

COVID-19 And Other Precautions For Kitchen Remodels in Kansas City

The COVID-19 pandemic has made homeowners and others more aware than ever before of the need to exercise caution when in enclosed spaces, even your own home. It’s vital that homeowners and workers protect themselves and others no matter the job at hand, including a 2021 kitchen remodel in Kansas City.
“Our workers are under a full mask mandate,” says Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling. “Obviously the breathing apparatus a contractor wears during a tear-out or while painting offers maximum protection, but we ensure that everyone’s safety comes first during every phase of a kitchen remodel.”
This includes initial meetings, as he notes that everyone entering a Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling showroom must wear a mask. “As with other businesses, we’re also providing visitors with hand sanitizer stations and ensuring every surface is properly sanitized throughout the day.”

Homeowners should still use caution at home during a kitchen remodel in Kansas City. “While it’s never recommended that a homeowner be near a space that’s being renovated, for their own safety it’s even more important that they remain a safe ten feet away from workers during initial consultations and the construction phase. After all, we want everyone to be around for as long as possible to enjoy that beautiful new kitchen we design and install for them!”

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