Algebra Mind “Automated Intelligence” Software (Phase I)

Software Engineer - Dennis Bruce Allums "On a Hidden Field- Kids who Saw The Future"

Algebra Mind Division Advance - Phase 1 Level 5

Algebra Mind Addition - Phase 1 Level 1

A video game software that teaches two- to nine-year-olds to do hundreds of step -1 algebra problems, each in nine seconds or less, getting none of them wrong.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 / -- Every year numerous American college students fail the Chinese subject, yet Chinese children master the Chinese language every time, why?

According to the creators of Algebra Mind, an “Automated Intelligence” software, it's because they are learning it at an early age, when there are few if any barriers to learning. This is, in essence, the brilliance of Algebra Mind, a video game software that teaches two- to nine-year-olds to do hundreds of step - 1 algebra problems, each in nine seconds or less, getting none of them wrong. Impressive as that sounds, there is one more amazing fact about the software—children do not even need to be able to speak full sentences yet only the ability to count their ten fingers thus why it qualifies as “Automated Intelligence.” How does it work? Glad you asked.

Have you ever heard of dendrites? They are like the branches of a tree but located in the brain. If stimulated, they connect to more cells (leaves), resulting in increased intelligence. The creator of the software, Dennis Bruce Allums, describes it very succinctly, “Imagine two trees, one with many branches but very few leaves and the other with an equal number of branches, yet many leaves. Which one represents the healthier or more stimulated brain?” This was the genesis of a theory that became a hypothesis, which today is a fact—stimulate the dendrites, connect to more cells, increase intelligence.

Revolutionary as this may sound, it is old news to many in the intelligence field; scientists have long championed the relationship between abstract thinking and intelligence. This is why many of us encourage children to do puzzles. The problem with solving puzzles is that you have to be intelligent to accurately find the answer. This means that while able students reach a conclusion quickly, the less able ones struggle. This is not acceptable, and there needs to be an alternative that works for all children. Algebra Mind is that alternative, and now all children can have a level of success that was unattainable previously.

All of that said, the creator of the Algebra Mind emphasizes that there is a misconception about their product, that the goal of Algebra Mind is to teach kids to do algebra. He states unequivocally that this is false. “Our goal or objective is to 1) train the brain to do algebra at as early an age as possible, 2) to do it faster and faster, over and over again, which is why we created it as a game, and 3) to advance all children to the succeeding levels—second (subtraction), third (multiplication), fourth (division) and then fifth (division advanced).

We believe that by following the entire five-step process, all children can attain educational success. As test scores in urban areas rise, suburbia, as well as the rest of the world, will have to take notice. Allums adds, “In the end, it’s really simple. The earlier a child develops an Algebra Mind, the better they will do with education. The better they will at school. The better they will do at life."
We wish them well.

Algebra Mind
Technical Details:
There are two products and five levels for each product.
Products 1 & 2 – Phase 1:
Product One:
The Algebra Mind (Addition) Video game consists of three levels and 200 algebra problems that are geared toward two- to six-year-olds as soon as they can count to ten.
Product Two:
The three eBooks are visually stunning, full-color versions of the same product. They are more geared toward the parent who wants to teach their child one on one.
Includes three eBooks for the price of one.
Products 1 & 2 – Phase 1:
Level 1 – Addition (Available Now)
Product 1 & 2 – Phase 1:
Level 2 – Subtraction (Available Soon)
Product 1 & 2 – Phase 1:
Level 3 – Multiplication (Available Soon)
Product 1 & 2 – Phase 1:
Level 4 – Division (Available Soon)
Product 1 & 2 – Phase 1:
Level 5 - Advanced Division (Available soon)

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Algebra Mind “Automated Intelligence” Software (Phase I)

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