JANUARY 15, 2021, FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA.   Fly Victor, Clive Henry Jackson, Bernardus Vorster, Dan Northover, and Nelson Rocha face an Amended Complaint alleging violation of Florida’s Civil Racketeering Statute.  Defendants also include BP Technology Ventures Limited and David Eyton who are named in a claim for Fraudulent Transfers which alleges receipt of illegally procured monies from Plaintiff. Below are statements made in the Amended Complaint. WITNESSES SOUGHT AS TO ALLEGATIONS

The Amended Complaint states in part: “This case presents the intentional fraudulent scheme and a criminal enterprise to use Plaintiff’s website to steal revenue shares and, simultaneously, attract unsuspecting investors to provide millions of dollars of cash infusions to Defendant Fly Victor – all with the end game of the filing a fraudulent liquidation/bankruptcy proceeding in London on or about February 9, 2020.”

“In sum, Defendants Jackson, Vorster, Northover, and Rocha parlayed Plaintiff out of potentially tens of millions of dollars of revenue share remunerations for the use of its internet domain and, at the same time, used Plaintiff’s website to lure investors, including Sir Elton John and BP Ventures, LLP to provide cash infusions to a ship leaking with fraudulent cash transfers to Defendants Jackson, Northover, Vorster and their defunct entities disguised as “consulting fees”.

The Amended Complaint goes on to allege:  “On July 1, 2015, Plaintiff and Defendant Fly Victor entered into that certain “Revenue Sharing Agreement” (“RSA”) wherein the parties agreed that Plaintiff would provide Defendant Fly Victor the exclusive license and rights to design, manage, build and operate PrivateJet for the purpose of creating a second business vertical to channel private jet charter customers.”

“In exchange, inter alia, Defendant Fly Victor would design and build PrivateJet by continuously adding content and search engine optimization on both a newly – developed landing page and website, which would include a state-of-the-art booking platform for PrivateJet to aggregate private jet charters in an automated fashion, and to offer clients exclusive “Empty Leg” or one-way discounted private jet offerings. All these obligations were to be instituted in accordance with “good” industry practices and subject to the regulations by the FAA and the USDOT.”

As to the claim for Civil Racketeering, the Amended Complaint states:  “From on or about July 1, 2015, and continuing up through the date of the filing of this  Complaint (with a special note of evidence concealed and recently discovered by Plaintiff), Jackson, Vorster, Northover, and Rocha, the RICO Defendants, each of whom is persons associated with or employed by the Legal Entity Enterprise, and alternatively were associated with or employed by the Association in Fact Enterprise, did knowingly and unlawfully conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in each Enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity within the meaning of Fla. Stat. § 895.02(7) (pattern) and Fla. Stat. § 895.02(8) (defining “racketeering activity,”), all in violation of Fla. Stat. § 772.103(1) & (3) (Prohibited Activities).”

The Amended Complaint further alleges as to the Civil RICO Count: “The RICO Defendants engaged in multiple acts of mail and wire fraud, and money laundering in connection with their conduct of the affairs of the enterprise, including  (1) the defrauding of the Plaintiff and others of revenues received by Defendant Fly Victor generated through leads procured by PrivateJet (2) the manipulation of corporate financial statements to lure unsuspecting investors and potential investors for purposes of acquiring capital infusions; (3) illegally laundering Plaintiff’s unpaid remunerations and investor capital infusions through a complex international corporate spiderweb designed to line the pockets of the RICO Defendants and their various corporate entities without detection; and (4) a plan to destroy PrivateJet’s brand and value by purposely violating USDOT and FAA regulations during Defendant Fly Victor’s tenure as a licensee of PrivateJet.”

As to the Claim for Fraudulent Transfer, it is alleged:  “Defendants Jackson, Vorster, Northover, Fly Victor, Alyssum and Alyssum Holdings (“Transfer Defendants”) have engaged in fraudulent acts in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme to transfer Plaintiff’s unpaid remunerations out of the reach of Plaintiff.”

“Upon information and belief, the Transfer Defendants, transferred Plaintiff’s unpaid remunerations and capital investments from unsuspecting investors and potential investors to these Defendants personally and to Defendants’ owned and operated entities, to wit: Transfer Defendants Jackson, Vorster, Northover, Fly Victor, Alyssum, Alyssum Holdings and the Transferee Defendants’ other entities and/or directors, BP Technology, Autotorq, Fly Victor Inc., Victor Technology, Infinite, Sudranreb, Letyano, David Eyton, Mike Ryan, and David Young all received shares, dividends, consulting fees, marketing fees, business capital injections, or profits from the illicit transfer of funds by the Transfer Defendants.”

This is a Notice to Witnesses seeking the information as to the allegations in the Amended Complaint or as to the reputations of Fly Victor, Clive Henry Jackson, Bernardus Vorster, and Dan Northover.   The statements made in this Notice to Witness are taken directly from the Amended Complaint which was filed with the Court on January 15, 2021.   As of the date of this press release, none of the allegations against any of the Defendants have been decided by a judge or jury as the case has yet to be set for trial.   If you have any information, please contact us at   All communications will remain confidential.

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