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In order to prevent the spread of disease, it is crucial to keep spaces as microbe-free as possible — a fact that has become extremely apparent during the current pandemic. One of the most efficient ways to ensure continued cleanliness is to use antimicrobial technology. This technology quickly destroys contaminants such as bacteria, mold, and mildew, keeping surfaces free of harmful microorganisms. This type of prevention is especially needed in high-contact zones, such as shared tables and chairs, that are hotspots for disease-causing germs. 

STEK Care, a developer of a wide range of safety-oriented products, offers state-of-the-art antimicrobial technology devoted to the prevention of disease transmission. Using only the finest materials and upholding strict manufacturing procedures, STEK Care creates films, masks, and other products dedicated to the preservation of public health and well-being. STEK’s in-house research and development team also continues to improve its output using the latest customer feedback, as well as innovating more and more necessary additions to its current lineup. 

The first family of products in the STEK Care line consists of protective films, which are produced in four antimicrobial and scratch-resistant variants. The first is Tactigard, a metallized film that may be applied on anything from door handles to elevator buttons. Tactigard is available in both adhesive and non-adhesive types, and boasts anti-fingerprint technology and outstanding durability. The next offering is Clarivale, a transparent, shatterproof PET film that perfectly protects glass surfaces. Third on the list, X-Glare features anti-glare technology and a paper-like finish, making it ideal for tablets, phones, and other electronic screens. COVAX, STEK’s last film product, is a highly damage-resistant TPU film, making it a heavy-duty protective solution for vehicles and outdoor installments. 

The second group of STEK Care products contains six antimicrobial accessories. STEK’s fashion mask consists of a reusable, antimicrobial fabric that prevents both skin irritation and UV exposure. Another, the sanitary mask, contains an anti-fog coating and an ergonomic design that drastically reduces discomfort during extended use. Next is the Smile Protector, a transparent mask that allows for a much more human, expressive style of communication. To safely store these accessories, STEK also offers its Clean Contact Case, a metallized PVC case that actively sanitizes whatever object it stores. Fifth, the STEK partition board is a transparent plastic barrier that can be used to enforce social distancing measures, even in large public areas. Finally, the PPE Shield offers full-face protection that effectively prevents exposure to dust, aerosols, and other contaminants that wearers may encounter throughout the day. 

Dedicated to advancing safety and disease prevention, STEK Care antimicrobial products have been tested and certified by reputable authorities.

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