WASHINGTON, DC 20549

                                    FORM 8-K

                             CURRENT REPORT PURSUANT
                          TO SECTION 13 OR 15(D) OF THE
                         SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

          Date  of  Report  (Date of earliest event reported):  October 20, 2005

                             Aventura Holdings, Inc.
              (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

                 (State or Other Jurisdiction of Incorporation)

               814-00703                                  65-024624
          (Commission  File Number)         (IRS Employer Identification Number)

        20533 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 1122, Miami, Florida 33180
                    (Address of Principal Executive Offices)

              (Registrant's Telephone Number, Including Area Code)

                               Sun  Network  Group,  Inc
          (Former Name or Former Address, if Changed Since Last Report)

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Item  1.01     Entry  into  a  Material  Definitive  Agreement

On  October  19,  2005,  Sun  Network  Group,  Inc.,  a Florida corporation (the
"Registrant")  entered  into  a  Merger  Agreement with Aventura Holdings, Inc a
Florida  corporation  ("AHI").

Pursuant  to  the  terms of the Merger, AHI transferred to the Registrant all of
its  outstanding shares. The Registrant and AHI agreed and acknowledged that the
Registrant acquired AHI solely for purposes of a merger to adopt the name of AHI
and  AHI  would  be  merged  out  of  existence  to  permit  same.

The  new  name,  "Aventura  Holdings,  Inc."  better  portrays  the Registrant's
function  as  a  Business Development Company and the structuring of itself in a
manner  more  consistent  with  its  current  business  strategy.

Item  2.01     Completion  of  Acquisition  or  Disposition  of  Assets

On  October  11,  2005,  prior  to  the  contemplated  merger and as a condition
precedent thereto, AHI distributed all net assets and related rights to its sole
shareholder,  a  private  trust,  under  agreement  dated  March  29,  2004.

Item  5.01     Changes  in  Control  of  Registrant

The  Registrant  believes that the consummation of the Merger Agreement does not
represent  a  change  in  control  of the Registrant.  The board of directors, a
majority  of  whom  are  independent and disinterested, remains unchanged.  AHI,
which  previously  owned  approximately  56%  of  the  outstanding  stock of the
Registrant  assigned  all  of  its  rights  to  such  stock  to  the trust which
previously  owned all of the outstanding stock of AHI: therefore, the beneficial
ownership  of  remains  unchanged.

Item  5.02     Departure  of  Directors  or  Principal  Officers;  Election  of
Directors;  Appointment  of  Principal  Officers


Item  5.03     Amendment  to  Articles  of  Incorporation  or By-Laws; Change in
Fiscal  Year

Following  the  close  of  the transaction on October 19, 2005, the Registrant's
Articles  of  Incorporation  were  amended  to  change  the Registrant's name to
Aventura  Holdings,  Inc.

Item  8.01     Other  Events

On  October  20,  2005,  the  Registrant  issued  a press release announcing the
closing  of the transaction and the change of control in the Registrant.  A copy
of  the  press  release  is  furnished  with  this  Form  8-K  as  Exhibit 99.1.

Item  9.01      Financial  Statements  and  Exhibits.

(c)  Exhibits

(1)     Exhibit  2.1  Merger  Agreement  dated  October  11,  2005
(2)     Exhibit  99.1     Press  release issued by Aventura Holdings, Inc., Inc.
dated  October  20,  2005


     Pursuant  to  the  requirements  of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as
amended,  the  Registrant has duly caused this Report to be signed on its behalf
by  the  undersigned  hereunto  duly  authorized.

               AVENTURA  HOLDINGS,  INC.

Dated:  October  20,  2005               By:  /s/  Craig  A.  Waltzer
                                              Craig  A.  Waltzer

                                  EXHIBIT INDEX

Exhibit  No.     Exhibits.
-----------     ---------

(1)     Exhibit  2.1     Merger  Agreement  dated  October  11,  2005
(2)     Exhibit  99.1     Press  release issued by Aventura Holdings, Inc., Inc.
dated  October  20,  2005