WASHINGTON, DC 20549

                                  SCHEDULE 13D


                             AVENTURA HOLDINGS, INC.
                                 (Name of Issuer)

                                  COMMON STOCK
                         (Title of Class of Securities)

                                   86681R 10 5
                                 (CUSIP Number)

                            Mark R. Horvath, Manager
                              Horvath Holdings, LLC
                                 25221 Dequindre
                           Madison Heights, MI  48071
                                 (248) 298-0225

                                 With copies to:

                            Michael T. Raymond, Esq.
                              Dickinson Wright PLLC
                            301 E. Liberty, Suite 500
                            Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2266

                                 (734) 623-1663
                  (Name, Address and Telephone Number of Person
                Authorized to Receive Notices and Communications)

                                  May 16, 2006
             (Date of Event which Requires Filing of this Statement)

If  the filing person has previously filed a statement on Schedule 13G to report
the  acquisition  that  is  the subject of this Schedule 13D, and is filing this
schedule  because  of   240.13d-1(e),  240.13d-1(f)  or  240.13d-1(g), check the
following  box.  [  ]

(1)     Names of Reporting Persons.  I.R.S. Identification Nos. of above persons
(entities  only).

     Horvath  Holdings,  LLC.
I.R.S.  Identification  No.  202498502

(2)     Check  the  Appropriate  Box  if  a Member of a Group (See Instructions)

a.   [  ]
b.   [  ]

(3)     SEC  Use  Only

(4)     Source  of  Funds  (See  Instructions)


(5)     Check  if  Disclosure of Legal Proceedings Is Required Pursuant to Items
2(d)  or  2(e)

     [  ]

(6)     Citizenship  or  Place  of  Organization


(7)     Sole  Voting  Power

     2,959,502,446  common  shares

(8)     Shared  Voting  Power


(9)     Sole  Dispositive  Power

     2,959,502,446  common  shares

(10)     Shared  Dispositive  Power


(11)     Aggregate  Amount  Beneficially  Owned  By  Each  Reporting  Person

     2,959,502,446  common  shares

(12)     Check  if the Aggregate Amount in Row (11) Excludes Certain Shares (See


(13)     Percent  of  Class  Represented  by  Amount  in  Row  (11)


(14)     Type  of  Reporting  Person



The  security  upon  which  this report is based is the common stock of Aventura
Holdings,  Inc., a Florida corporation (the "Company"), with its principal place
of  business  located  at  2650  Biscayne  Blvd.,  First Floor, Miami, FL 33137.


This  Schedule 13D is being filed by Horvath Holdings, LLC ("Reporting Person").
The  Reporting Person is a limited liability company organized under the laws of
the State of Michigan which owns and operates automobile dealerships and finance
companies  concentrating  in  the sub-prime lending market.   The address of the
Reporting  Person's  principal  place  of business and principal office is 25221
Dequindre,  Madison  Heights,  MI  48071.

During the past five years, the Reporting Person has not been (i) convicted in a
criminal  proceeding  (excluding  traffic violations or similar misdemeanors) or
(ii)  a  party  to  a  civil  proceeding of a judicial or administrative body of
competent jurisdiction and as a result of such proceeding was or is subject to a
judgment,  decree  or final order enjoining future violations of, or prohibiting
or  mandating activities subject to, federal or state securities laws or finding
any  violation  with  respect  to  such  laws.


The  two hundred million shares (200,000,000) of common stock of the Company and
the  Warrant (described in Item 6 herein) were issued to the Reporting Person in
exchange  for  the  Reporting  Person's assignment of three hundred (300) common
shares  (thirty  percent  (30%)  of  the  equity) of Ohio Funding Group, Inc., a
Michigan  corporation, which has an agreed value of one hundred thousand dollars
($100,000),  to  the  Company.


The  information  set forth in Item 6 herein is hereby incorporated by reference
into  this  Item  4.

The  Reporting  Person  acquired  the  initial two hundred million (200,000,000)
shares  of  common stock of the Company (the "Purchased Stock") and a Warrant to
purchase  additional  shares  of  common  stock  of  the Company covered by this
statement.  The  Reporting  Person  intends  to review on a continuing basis its
investment  in  the  common  stock  and to take such actions with respect to its
investment  as  it deems appropriate in light of the circumstances existing from
time to time, including the potential exercise of the Warrant which would enable
the Reporting Person to acquire a controlling ownership position in the Company.
Depending  on  market and other conditions, the Reporting Person may continue to
hold  the  common stock, acquire additional common stock, or dispose of all or a
portion  of  the  common  stock it now owns or may hereafter acquire.  Except as
otherwise  noted  below, the Reporting Person does not have plans that relate to
or  would  result  in:

(a)     an extraordinary corporate transaction, such as a merger, reorganization
or  liquidation;

(b)     a  sale  or transfer of a material amount of assets of the issuer or any
of  its  subsidiaries;

(c)     except  as  otherwise  disclosed in Item 6 with respect to the Reporting
Person's  right  to nominate directors of the Company, any change in the present
board of directors or management of the Company, including plans or proposals to
change  the  number  or terms of directors to fill any existing vacancies on the

(d)     any  other  material  change  in  the present capitalization or dividend
policy  of  the  Company;

(e)     except  as  otherwise  disclosed in Item 6, any other material change in
the  Company's  business  or  corporate  structure;

(f)     except for a plan to change the Company's charter to increase the amount
of  authorized  common stock from 5,000,000,000 to at least the amount necessary
for  full  exercise  of the Warrant, an increase of at least 802,945,973 shares,
any  changes  in  the  Company's  bylaws or instruments corresponding thereto or
other  actions which may impede the acquisition of control of the Company by any

(g)     causing  a  class  of  securities  of  the Company to be delisted from a
national  securities  exchange  or  to cease to be authorized to be quoted in an
inter-dealer  quotation  system of a registered national securities association;

(h)     a  class  of  equity  securities  of  the  Company becoming eligible for
termination  of  registration  pursuant  to  Section  12(g)(4)  of  the  Act; or

(i)     any  action  similar  to  any  of  those  enumerated  above.


(a)     The  Reporting  Person  beneficially owns 2,959,502,446 shares of common
stock  of  the  Company,  or approximately fifty one percent (51%) of the voting
securities  of  the  Company,  which  includes  (1)  200,000,000  shares  of the
Company's  common  stock  received  by  the  Reporting Person in the Transaction
(described  in  Item  6),  and  (2) 2,759,502,446 shares of the Company's common
stock  assuming  full exercise of the Warrant as of the Transaction closing date
(described  in  Item  6).  The  Reporting  Person has not included 1,703,785,714
shares of common stock of the Company for which the Reporting Person has a proxy
to  vote,  but  does  not  own.  The  Reporting  Person disclaims any beneficial
ownership in these shares as the Reporting Person has no pecuniary interest with
respect  to  these  shares.

(b)     The responses of the Reporting Person with respect to rows seven through
ten  (7-10)  of  the  cover page to this Schedule 13D are incorporated herein by

(c)     Except  for the Transaction described herein, during the past sixty (60)
days  immediately  preceding the date of this Schedule 13D, the Reporting Person
did  not  effect  any  other  transactions  in  any  securities  of the Company.

(d)     To  the knowledge of the Reporting Person, no other person has the right
to receive or the power to direct the receipt of dividends from, or the proceeds
from  the  sale  of,  securities  covered  by  this  Schedule  13D.

(e)     Not  applicable.


On  May 16, 2006, the Company entered into several agreements with the Reporting
Person.  These  agreements  included  a Securities Purchase Agreement ("SPA"), a
Class  A  Common  Stock  Purchase  Warrant  ("Warrant"),  a  Registration Rights
Agreement  and  a  Lock-Up  Agreement  (the  "Transaction"). Such agreements are
incorporated  herein  by  reference,  as  set  forth  in  Item  7  below.

The  parties to the SPA include the Company, the Reporting Person and one of the
Reporting  Person's  wholly-owned  subsidiaries,  Ohio  Funding  Group,  Inc., a
Michigan  corporation  ("Ohio  Funding").  Pursuant  to the terms of the SPA, in
exchange  for  contributing  thirty  percent (30%) of the equity of Ohio Funding
with  an  agreed value of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), the Reporting
Person  received two hundred million (200,000,000) shares of common stock of the

As  a  part  of  the  Transaction,  the Company issued to the Reporting Person a
Warrant  exercisable  for  one  (1)  year.  The  Warrant  enables  Horvath  to
contribute,  at any time during the exercise period, at a fixed  price per share
of  $.0005,  the  remaining equity interests in its subsidiaries in exchange for
the greater of:  (a) 2,528,443,528 shares of the common stock of the Company, or
(b)  that  number  of shares of common stock of the Company as shall be required
for  the  Reporting  Person to obtain, when combined with other shares of common
stock  of  the  Company then cumulatively held by the Reporting Person, at least
fifty-one  percent  (51%)  of  the  total  fully-diluted  shares of common stock
outstanding  of  the  Company  on  the date the Warrant is fully exercised.  The
Warrant  immediately  grants  to  the  Reporting  Person  one  (1)  Board  seat
designation  right  with  respect  to the Board of Directors of the Company, and
grants  one  (1)  additional Board seat designation right, up to a total of four
(4)  Board  seat  designations  (including  the  original Board seat), upon each
tender  of  a  controlling  equity  position in a legal entity controlled by the

The  Transaction  also  includes  a  Registration  Rights  Agreement between the
Reporting  Person  and  the  Company,  which grants the Reporting Person certain
registration  rights concerning the shares of the Company's common stock that it
received  under  the  SPA  and those shares it will receive upon exercise of the
Warrant.  The Company is obligated to effect up to two (2) demand registrations,
and  an  unlimited  number  of "piggyback" registrations, and to pay for certain
expenses  incurred  in  connection with such registrations, for a period of five
(5)  years  from  the  Transaction  closing  date.

Also  in  connection  with  the Transaction, Melissa Apple, as trustee under the
Maria  Lopez  Irrevocable  Trust  UTD  March 29, 2004 (the "Trust"), the current
majority  shareholder  of the Company, entered into a Lock-Up Agreement with the
Reporting  Person  whereby  the  Trust  agreed  to refrain from transferring its
shares  of  common  stock  of  the  Company ("Trust Shares") to any third party,
except  to certain permitted transferees, for a period of one (1) year following
the  Transaction  closing  date and to only transfer up to a permitted amount of
Trust  Shares  equal to five percent (5%) of the total number of Trust Shares in
each  of  the  following  four  (4) years.  The Trust also granted the Reporting
Person,  while  the Warrant is outstanding, full authority to vote, in person or
by  proxy, all of the Trust Shares on matters submitted to the vote of Company's
shareholders,  including but not limited to, the election of the Company's Board
of Directors.  The Trust Shares presently include 1,703,785,714 shares of common
stock  of  the  Company.


  Exhibit Number            Description  of  Exhibit
  --------------            ------------------------

     10.1 Securities  Purchase  Agreement  (Incorporated  by  reference  on  the
          Company's  8-K  Filed  May  22,  2006)

     10.2 Class A  Common  Stock  Purchase  Warrant  (Incorporated  by reference
          on  the  Company's  8-K  Filed  May  22,  2006)

     10.3 Registration  Rights  Agreement  (Incorporated  by  reference  on  the
          Company's  8-K  Filed  May  22,  2006)

     10.4 Lock-Up  Agreement  (Incorporated  by  reference  on the Company's 8-K
          Filed  May  22,  2006)


After  reasonable  inquiry and to the best of my knowledge and belief, I certify
that  the information set forth in this statement is true, complete and correct.

Dated:  May  26,  2006                              Horvath  Holdings,  LLC

                                   By:     /s/  Mark  R.  Horvath
                                        Name:   Mark  R.  Horvath
                                       Title:   Manager