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On September 5, 2018, BW LPG Limited (“BW LPG”) made the following communications on its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The full text of the article referenced in BW LPG’s communications is also set forth in full below.



“BW LPG remains “absolutely motivated” to pursue a merger with Dorian LPG as it looks to create an “LPG powerhouse”. Click to read (subscription required) #BWLPG”


“Ackermann's eyes still fixed on building 'LPG powerhouse'

BW LPG chief voices continued appetite for merger with Dorian LPG. Click to read (subscription required) … #BWLPG”


TradeWinds: Ackermann's eyes still fixed on building 'LPG powerhouse'

By Andy Pierce

30 August 2018

BW LPG chief voices continued appetite for merger with Dorian LPG.

BW LPG remains “absolutely motivated” to pursue a merger with Dorian LPG as it looks to create an “LPG powerhouse”.

Martin Ackermann, chief executive of Oslo-listed BW LPG, says the company has yet to hear back from Dorian eight weeks after submitting an improved bid for the company.

“We think the power of this combination would be of great benefit to our clients and I think it would provide a lot of value to stake holders,” he told TradeWinds in an interview today.

“We are absolutely motivated. I think it’s a compelling proposition to everyone. It makes a lot of sense.

“We can create an LPG powerhouse where we really have a very large fleet that can offer our customers unrivaled flexibility and create a range of contracts and full flexibility in terms of geographical coverage.”

Ackermann was talking after BW LPG reported a smaller than expected second quarter loss with its VLGC spot rates ahead of forecasts.

He says the results were stronger than all of its peers with its outperformance of the Baltic index during the past two and a half years speaking “a very clear language.”

Ackermann also points to the company’s fleet, which some have noted to be older than Dorian's vessels, describing it as a balanced portfolio of ships.

“From my perspective we have a fleet of 6.9 years of age, which is exactly where you want to be as a shipowner,” he said.

“You want to have modern ships, some new, some young. If they are all brand new they will be very expensive as you will be paying a lot of interest and a high depreciation profile.

"So, you need it to be in that sweet spot between four to eight years where you still have fantastic assets and competitive opex.”

BW LPG today announced a plan to convert four of its VLGCs to LPG-propelled dual-fuel engines as it prepares for new emissions laws.

“In this world looking at green-wave initiatives, be that scrubbers or LPG propulsion, all of these are upfront capex initiatives,” Ackermann added.

“For that you need funding. That is of course why I have been saying we are stronger together here. We would have a stronger credit profile and a better balance sheet.”

While BW LPG’s second quarter results beat forecasts, analysts note the company’s market outlook remains cautious.

“We are just north of breakeven for our fleet. I’m not sure all of our competitors are there yet,” Ackermann said.

“We just have our nose out of the water. You look at the dangers out there and we need to mention there is some geopolitical tension and tariff discussions going on.”

While he says the supply side still looks a little bit challenging, the demand picture “very positive”.

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