DF battery is committed to becoming a battery steward around everyone

The predecessor of DF Storage Battery was an enterprise called "Yangzhou Battery Factory". After 54 years of growth, it developed into Apollo battery, and in 2014 it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Camel Group. DF means Drive farther, dream future, dream new future.

Since its establishment in 1966, DF battery has always been committed to research and development and production of high-quality batteries, and has launched many products that are popular in the market. The annual export volume has always been in the forefront of the industry, and it is positioned as a global brand.

At present, DF battery specializes in the production of two types of lead-acid batteries for starting automobiles and ships of Chinese, German, Australian, American and International Electrotechnical Commission standards, covering civil, commercial, military, agricultural and other fields. DF battery products have provided battery supporting services for Caterpillar, Yaxing Group, Geely Group, Shanghai Maple Automobile, Anhui Ankai Bus, Jianghuai Bus, Mahindra·Yantuo, Jiangsu World Group and other enterprises and brands.

When the needs of users become more critical and strict, for brands, only by solving the pain points of users can they win a larger market share. DF battery has been deeply cultivated and developed a full range of product lines for a variety of models.

1D series battery is a good durable and friendly product among DF Lead-acid Battery products. The upper cover of its liquid-gas separation structure can return the generated electrolyte vapor to the battery tank when the battery is charged.The coS casting and welding process ensures the excellent starting performance of the battery,meanwhile the design of the middle-pole radiation grid and the new lead-calcium alloy pole plays a decisive role in prolonging the service life of the battery.

The 2D series battery adopts a special lead-calcium-tin alloy formula, which can enhance the corrosion resistance of the battery and ensure longer using time. The 2D series has the outstanding advantanges in low temperature start-up and its advanced structural design can ensure that the battery has long-lasting storage performance. More durable and safer, 2D series batteries meet the needs of different consumers with high-quality and differentiated product features.

EFB and AGM batteries are the core elements of cars with stop-start technology. The EFB battery of DF improves the start-stop life of the battery through the advanced plate formula and reasonable curing process; the new alloy corrosion-resistant alloy greatly improves the charging acceptance; the special lead paste formula, the cycle discharge life performance is prolonged. The performance can reach more than 36,000 times, at the same time, it can reduce the fuel consumption of automobiles and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The DF EFB battery, which integrates appearance and performance, has won the favor of domestic and international markets with its ultra-high cost performance and excellent product quality.

High efficiency, cold resistance and stability are the advantages of AGM batteries. DF uses advanced casting and stamping technology, high-strength grid, advanced shell design, built-in safety valve and other advanced technologies and processes to give full play to the advantages of AGM batteries, while taking into account battery safety and environmental protection.

Whether stability, durability, or startability, all DF series products meet the needs of various models. No matter it is a middle-aged consumer group who pursues high quality, or a young generation who looks at power, DF batteries can provide them strong starting power.

In the coming future, the first flagship store of DF Battery in Central China is about to settle in the ancient capital Luoyang, and all battery products will be unveiled. The DF battery flagship store will also cover the whole country, providing high-quality and convenient services for more car owners.

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