Experts Expect 2021-22 Brazilian Energy Auctions to be Most Competitive in Decades

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Rachel Andalaft, CEO of Mangifera Analytics

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There has never been a bigger year for Brazil’s energy auctions. Postponed from 2020, exciting new players, and ongoing reform, bring complexity & opportunity

2021/22 may be the most competitive auctions ever seen in Brazil. Ongoing reform and incentives are attracting new players, adding complexity but also unparalleled opportunities for investors”
— Rachel Andalaft, CEO of Mangifera Analytics
SãO PAULO, BRAZIL, May 27, 2021 / -- There may never have been a more exciting year for Brazil’s energy auctions. When the 2020 auctions were deferred and new players entered the race it set up the 2021 auctions to be more competitive than ever. Ongoing market reform and greater incentivization have only intensified the auctions further, creating new complexities for developers and unparalleled opportunities for investors. Through free tools and comprehensive products, Mangifera Analytics provides everything you need to know to succeed and reap the rewards.

Brazil introduced its energy auction system to expand its transmission network and buy electricity generated by the subsequent wave of new power plants. Through institutionalization of the energy sector, Brazil was able to increase generating capacity, and by creating a plan for regular energy auctions it was able to enable the predictable investment environment that financiers require. The auction system guarantees that energy services comply with quality standards while ensuring the cheapest possible price for electricity

Today, Brazil’s energy auctions have become a reference for the world, inspiring many other markets to follow suit. Regulator, ANEEL, has continued to liaise with leading international agencies to advance a robust modernization program. In 2021, tenders will negotiate power contracts from wind, solar, hydro, and biomass sources as well as coal, natural gas, and solid urban waste. Winners will secure power purchase agreements with a 15-year term for wind and solar, a 25-year term for hydropower, and a 20-year term for other forms of electricity generation.

“2021/22 may be the most competitive auctions ever seen in Brazil. Ongoing reform and incentives are attracting new players to the 2021/22 auctions, which were deferred from last year. This adds some complexity but also brings unparalleled opportunity for investors,” says Rachel Andalaft, CEO of Mangifera Analytics. “Success in 2021/22 Brazilian energy auctions will depend on understanding new demands and developing faultless bids. To inform and prepare projects for this challenge, Mangifera has a range of free tools and comprehensive products designed for the international investment community.”

Brazil Auction Briefings

New rules, regulations, and requirements could challenge even the most experienced investors and developers in getting their projects over the line with minimum cost and effort. Mangifera Analytics is exploring all the ordinances, directives, updates, and public notices released by Brazil’s energy regulators, highlighting the key information from each to ensure our community is up-to-date and equipped to succeed in this year’s extra competitive auctions.

Three briefings are already available for free on our dedicated auction briefing page, explored, translated, and summarized for the international investment community. The dedicated page also includes a detailed auction schedule, a glossary of key terms and abbreviations, and an extensive systematics document giving readers a full and clear overview of the inner workings of the auction process. All available for free, in a printable format, with no sign-up required.

“Brazil’s energy auctions can be confusing on a normal year but the delays of 2020 and ongoing reform in the sector adds complexity that will challenge even the most seasoned investors,” says Rachel Andalaft, CEO of Mangifera Analytics. “Our free to download auction briefings and guidance material explores, translates, and summarizes the complexities of the Brazilian energy auction process to help international investors survive and thrive to reap the huge rewards on offer in 2021.”

Brazil Auction Reports & Datasets

Success in future auctions often depends on how well we understand the history of auctions past. For the increasingly competitive renewable energy auctions in Brazil, a history of winners, losers, and evolving criteria can lay the foundation for a successful strategy. That’s why Mangifera has created an extensive benchmarking guide and complete history of Brazil’s energy auctions, the product is available as a written and audio report, as well as a full dataset designed for deep investment analysis. Available individually or in our special auction bundle.

True insight comes from understanding the landscape and then analyzing the data. Deep market knowledge then creates the foundation for more insightful data modeling and analytics. Mangifera Analytics’ in-depth reports and datasets explore the whole history of Brazil’s renewable energy auctions to unearth the knowledge and insights that guide successful projects. Presenting an unparalleled and invaluable resource for all investment teams and decision-makers considering or developing projects in this new era for Brazilian energy.

“This is a big moment for the sector after the cancelation of solar or wind power auctions in 2020, so we expect to see high participation of these two sources in particular. Until 2019 these sources were seeing a continuous drop in CAPEX, achieved by growing economies of scale and technological development worldwide,” says Rachel Andalaft, CEO of Mangifera Analytics. “These trends continued through 2020, meaning investors in 2021 can expect a significant improvement in project value against the last auctions within a clear long-term pattern made evident by the recent historical auction analysis we produced for the investment community.”

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