Understanding L7 DEX in Five Minutes: Creating an Efficient Defi Derivatives Platform by Addressing Main Points

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Since the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the blockchain industry has been evolving and iterating for over a decade. innovating at a pace that is unparalleled in other industries. However, based on the data, people still prefer to use centralized trading models. Take South Korea as an example, with its population of 50 million, it accounts for 20% of the global Bitcoin trading volume. However, this massive trading volume is almost entirely generated from centralized exchanges.Clearly, the majority of users show a preference for in spot trading, leverage trading, and contract trading on centralized exchanges. Despite the significant progress and innovation in decentralized finance (Defi) since the launch of Ethereum, people are still more inclined to use centralized exchanges for their transactions.

2021 is the biggest bull market in history, and Binance has become the number one exchange in the universe in just four years. Sam Bankman-Fried, in his early twenties, is also challenging Zhao Changpeng with his skills on FTX. People are immersed in the frenzy of skyrocketing prices and intense competition. However, even a behemoth like FTX can collapse overnight: on November 9, 2022, FTX suffered a major collapse, catching everyone off guard. This second largest exchange in the universe ended up creating a 'memorial day' on par with March 12 and May 19: 11/9. The following year, the SEC filed a lawsuit, signaling a downturn for Binance.

In the midst of this pain, the firstborn of the blockchain, Defi, has finally regained attention from users after the summer of Defi.

Among the numerous Defi products, there are countless representatives. This article will use the Defi derivative L7 DEX as the core to explain how Defi and its derivatives solve the problems and pain points of centralization.

L7 DEX Development Plan

L7 DEX is a decentralized contract trading platform based on the BNB CHAIN. The platform's main focus will be on contracts and trading. The development plan for L7 DEX can be roughly divided into three stages: global community building, product and brand development, and platform expansion. These three stages will address the difficulties and pain points that current users face at different levels.

I ,Global Community Building

One of the drawbacks of centralized exchanges is that users find it difficult to participate in the exchange's profit sharing, which creates an implicit contradiction where the exchange is the store and users are constantly spending (consuming).

In the development plan of L7 DEX, users have always been the core of product and platform development. Therefore, L7 DEX will pay more attention to value sharing with users, thereby further promoting ecological development and community building.

In the early stages of the project, L7 DEX introduced NFT staking mining as a way for users to gain access to the platform and share profits. Users can participate in staking by holding platform NFTs and earn platform coins. Additionally, NFTs that serve as Pass cards can be freely sold, or users can choose to directly cash out their NFTs on the platform.

Through the NFT staking mining and the matching community fission mechanism, L7 DEX not only creates wealth for early participants but also ensures a constant influx of new members into the community, creating a ripple effect.

Currently, L7 DEX has established communities in 40+ countries and regions worldwide, forming a diverse development pattern from point to line, and from line to area. Correspondingly, it requires precise data management and operations, as well as language and cultural support to match the diverse communities in different countries and regions. In addition, the periodic product iteration in the community reflects the precise data management and operations of L7 DEX.

II , Product development and brand building

Ultimately, whether a product can be widely accepted by the public hinges on its ability to align with user habits and address their current challenges.

During this stage, L7 DEX will concentrate on the innovations and efforts made in the product, aiming to provide users, who have been negatively impacted by issues such as centralized control, price manipulation, and network disconnections, with a fairer experience on a truly decentralized contract trading platform.

As the core of the product, spot and contract trading will be progressively launched, forming the backbone of the platform's three-pronged approach. Within L7 DEX, all user trading and contract actions will be automated via smart contracts. The oracle and PVP AMM mechanisms will completely discard the drawbacks of traditional trading, offering a smoother decentralized experience.

The product's starting point is the user, and its destination is also the user. Through the accumulation of real user traffic from early global communities, it propels the first wave of momentum before and after the product launch. Simultaneously, more resources will be transformed into product development and community expansion through various forms of collaboration. By leveraging trading events, contract competitions, and other types of activities both inside and outside the platform, it increases user acquisition while cultivating the habits of early users. On the other hand, the function of reducing NFT transaction fees will also be implemented in the first stage, thereby providing greater rewards to early NFT holders.

As a closely connected link, the income generated after the product launch will be distributed to a broad range of community users through various channels. Major nodes can directly enjoy dividends from transaction fees and obtain substantial profits. At the same time, a portion of the fees will also be used to repurchase and destroy circulating commodities, thereby increasing deflation and allowing every community member to enjoy the benefits brought by the product.

Community + product, user + platform, form a complete cycle of product and brand building. With the dual support of users and products, assets on the platform can achieve free circulation from centralization to decentralization. Furthermore, these assets will further form a brand effect by being listed on various listing and trading platforms such as Gate, HUOBI, OKX, OPENSEA, etc.

III, Platform expansion stage

The consensus of user aggregation ultimately promotes the continuous accumulation of asset liquidity and added value. In the world of blockchain, this phenomenon is manifested through liquidity. As the largest consensus, BTC occupies 50% of the total market value throughout the year, and it can attract more followers at any time precisely because of its abundant liquidity. The two go hand in hand.

However, in the face of huge capital and artificial barriers, it has become difficult for small funds and individual investors to continue participating in the distribution of mainstream currencies' benefits. Liquidity is composed of millions of people, but the profits are enjoyed by only a few, which is not in line with the spirit advocated by Web3 nor the interests of collective participants

The problem is evident, and naturally, more attempts are needed to resolve the contradiction. The third stage of L7 DEX's development will strive to effectively solve the above-mentioned problems through platform construction.

By combining liquidity incentives and Farms, while completing liquidity building, the benefits of liquidity will be distributed to many participants for the first time, further enhancing the profit potential for early community users who hold NFT Pass cards.

The simultaneous launch of the farm and the accompanying Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) also provides users with more choices. Collaborative projects leverage the platform's accumulated traffic and provide various participation opportunities for users on the platform. Liquidity Providers (LPs) that have already been pledged will receive a share of the IEO based on their proportion, thereby creating a deep linkage between the primary and secondary markets.

There are diverse ways to participate, and holders of platform tokens will also receive IEO shares based on the weightage of time and quantity, ensuring that participants from various communities can obtain their deserved profits. The new projects and communities formed behind the IEO will naturally become the driving force and manifestation of further development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and even the blockchain.

The liquidity and IEO form a primary and secondary market, as well as an effective interaction between projects and users. To a certain extent, this stimulates and achieves the desire for participation and profit recovery of different types of users.

The "Gold Rush" is still ongoing.

 Many people believe that the golden era of cryptocurrency has already ended with the entrance of institutional players. However, if we shift our perspective, these institutions are akin to the nobles who pioneered the railways in the American West back in the day. They brought law and control, but also brought in more participants and opportunities.

Currently, numerous pathways to the crypto world are being established, with high-speed trains rushing along them. The old and the new have integrated, and decentralization and centralization are not simply black and white. L7 DEX's various innovations and efforts are not aimed at creating a divide between the two, but rather, on the existing foundation, they are striving to establish a comprehensive and efficient Defi derivatives platform. This is in pursuit of a possibility that allows more users and participants to jointly mine for gold.

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