Solar Energy Provides Benefits for Home, Businesses and the Environment

Over the past few years, solar panels in Melbourne have become more mainstream sources of energy. There are real benefits of solar versus traditional energy, not only for the home, but also for businesses and the environment.

Solar Panel Melbourne
Solar Panel Melbourne

Solar Panel Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Australia - May 19, 2021 - (

 Leading solar panel in Melbourne provider, Sunrun Solar, advises that installing a solar system will cut electricity costs consistently with savings noticed almost immediately.

Electricity prices have continued to steadily rise throughout Australia over the past decade. In fact, they're amongst the highest electricity rates in the world. Just how much money solar can save a household will vary, but on average, a 6.6kW solar system in Melbourne will reap savings of between $1,200-$2,000 annually.

Not only will households save on bills, they will actually get money back from their solar system through the feed-in tariff. The Victorian rebate scheme allows solar system owners to sell electricity they haven't used back into electricity networks for others to use. Solar users also have the option of storing the excess electricity in batteries to be used later.

Installing solar panels in Melbourne can also drive up a home's value. Experts estimate that a 5kW solar panel can increase a property's value by up to $29,000. Homebuyers know that solar systems will save them money in the long run, and they won't have to worry about installation costs.

Solar can also benefit businesses by improving a company's environmental image. Almost 80% of Victorians view climate change as one of the most pressing issues of today, and they want to see companies taking action. In fact, Unilever research shows that approximately a third of Victorian consumers actively make purchasing decisions based on the environmental actions of a company. Sunrun Solar recommends businesses consider installing a solar system to show their customer base they care about the environment, which can boost their public image.

Sunrun Solar says the environmental benefits of solar power can't be ignored. One of the best things about solar energy for the environment is that it doesn't rely on sources of energy that won't last forever, such as fossil fuels. Since nonrenewable sources of energy contribute to air and water pollution, installing a solar system will help cut down on pollutants.

With benefits like these, there's simply no doubt that solar energy is the way of the future.

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