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When it comes to tactical flashlights, there are many different types on the market. Tactical flashlights are typically used for self-defense and law enforcement during night hours. They can be mounted onto a rifle or pistol and provide an intense beam of light that allows the user to see in dark situations. Tactical-led flashlight manufacturers compete fiercely to create superior lighting products that outperform their competitors’ tactical lights. There is no shortage of options when purchasing a tactical flashlight, but we have compiled a list of the 8 best tactical flashlights in 2021.


Genuine tactical flashlights are built for emergency scenarios and self-defense. It’s not just about appearances, or a badge slapped on every blacked-out flashlight with a strike bezel carelessly, unlike conventional EDC flashlights, which typically have lower output and moonlight settings for extended runtimes. Tactical flashlight features typically include high output brightness, a strobe mode, a beam distance, a forward-throw switch for momentary-on activation, aggressive knurling, and occasionally a strike bezel. There’s also an emphasis on interface simplicity, with lights in the class often having fewer modes and quick access to high outputs, sometimes with dedicated, easy-to-activate switches.


If you’re going to carry anything, make it a flashlight. But you can’t just bring any flashlight around with you and expect it to work!

Your EDC flashlight should be small enough to fit in your pocket, extremely bright, operate on ordinary batteries, and be durable enough to withstand a lifetime of usage.

Because EVATAC™ makes the Evatac Nano Flashlight, you can be confident you’re receiving the best, a product that has been thoroughly tested and proven time and time again.

You’re getting a cutting-edge survival tool with a beveled edge striker that can also be used as a self-defense weapon, and it might well save your life one day. This good tactical flashlight can also be used as an accessory when utilizing a mount if you carry a firearm.


Olight is a well-known brand in the tactical flashlight industry for putting cutting-edge technology like high output and magnetic USB recharging into a compact that’s rugged and reliable enough for tactical use. Their flagship tactical light, the Warrior X Pro, is an improved version of their initial design. It has a large magnetic tail cap with a USB-rechargeable 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery that drives the CREE XHP35 module to a maximum brightness of 2,250-lumen output. It’ll also project that light 1,900 feet away.

The Warrior X Pro has convenience features, apart from the forceful strike plate and precision-machined aluminum body with knurled edges. Just like a vibrating function that indicates battery life, an optional magnetic remote switch for mounting this light on a firearm, and a tactical grip ring that prevents the light from falling out of your hands in an emergency.


The ThruNite BSS V4 is an IPX8 water-resistant tactical flashlight with an aggressive strike bezel and a CREE SSY70 LED module that produces a maximum of 2523 lumens out the front when powered by a 3100mah 18650 battery. Anti-slip knurling ensures a secure hold on the aluminum body even when wet, and the side switch function allows you to choose between the six distinct lighting modes easily.


The Nitecore P10i has a maximum output of 1800 lumens and can be charged via a USB-C cable. Unlike many lights with numerous output modes, the P10i makes it simple to access the three various light outputs, and the tail switch makes it simple to access the light’s disorienting strobe mode. In addition, the built-in 21700 battery gives this flashlight a bit more run time than its competitors, lasting up to 90 minutes on high and 38 hours on low, making it ideal for long-term use when you’re off the grid.


The Streamlight Stinger 2020 is designed to deliver 2000 lumens of strong light in a shockproof aluminum alloy body ergonomically contoured for long-term use. With an output selector and a separate activation button, the controls are also quite user-friendly. The form also prevents it from rolling about on a table, and the USB rechargeability completes the design’s immense functionality.


With IP68 water resistance and the ability to withstand high temperatures without fail, the Fenix TK16 is built to fling its 3100-lumen maximum output over 415 yards in all conditions. Its high-capacity 5000mAH 21700 battery can power the light for a total of two hours in Turbo mode (as it gradually reduces brightness to avoid overheating) when other EDC flashlights can only last a few minutes. The tactical tail switch allows for both temporary and constant-on operation, while the front strike bezel aids defensive use.


While the Acebeam L35 is far too large for a trouser pocket, its bright 4300-lumen maximum output and long 480-meter throw make it a worthy tactical or outdoor companion. A single 21700 battery and a LatticePower P70 LED module with a constant current circuit ensure consistent output over time. The hard-anodized aluminum body features a tactical strike bezel at the front and anti-slip knurling to help you hang on to the light even when it’s wet.


With a virtually indestructible LED emitter and a robust Nitrolon polymer body that is water and shock-resistant, the Surefire G2X is built to survive a lot of abuse and keep going. The light’s bezel is composed of hard-anodized aluminum and comes with a striking surface for tactical use. The rear tail switch enables momentary-on operation, and a modest output of 15 lumens can help extend runtime.

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