Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc Democratizes CHD Detection with Nationwide Launch of PrecisionCHD™

Coronary Heart Disease Detection Test Merges Epigenetic and Genetic Biomarkers with Artificial Intelligence, Offering Remote and Scalable Deployment Capabilities Across the Nation

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc (Nasdaq: CDIO), a pioneer in AI-driven precision cardiovascular medicine tests, today announces the nationwide launch of PrecisionCHD™. This groundbreaking test marks a significant milestone in the fight against coronary heart disease (CHD), the most common type of heart disease and the primary cause of heart attacks. It is the second product to be released from Cardio Diagnostics’ cutting-edge suite of AI-driven molecular cardiovascular disease technologies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CHD was responsible for 695,000 deaths in 2021, and the direct and indirect costs associated with heart disease were over $239B. Despite its human and economic burden, the reach of current CHD detection tests, predominantly imaging-based approaches such as Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography (CCTA), is limited. These tests expose patients to ionizing radiation and require highly specialized healthcare infrastructure, from advanced CT scanners to a team of well-trained technicians, radiologists, and cardiologists. This infrastructure is often inaccessible and unfeasible, particularly in rural and underserved communities, impeding the scalability and equitable distribution of current tests. This disparity is particularly problematic when a patient exhibits signs and symptoms of CHD, such as chest pain.

The PrecisionCHD™ test, the first of its kind, is a blood-based detection test for CHD and the only detection technology that seamlessly integrates epigenetic and genetic biomarkers with AI. What makes the PrecisionCHD™ test even more remarkable is its simplicity; it only requires a simple blood sample, conveniently obtained at a doctor's office or through a simple collection procedure at home, and leverages the same highly scalable laboratory technique used in COVID-19 testing. Test results are available for review within 10 business days, providing a swift and efficient alternative to traditional first-line CHD detection tools like stress echocardiograms.

The introduction of PrecisionCHD™ also represents a significant step towards health equity. A recent report by GoodRx revealed that almost half of US counties lack a single cardiology specialist. The issue is especially acute in counties with a high population of Black residents. Against this backdrop, the remote deployability and scalability of PrecisionCHD™, as with all of Cardio Diagnostics' cardiovascular disease solutions, is game-changing. It empowers primary care clinicians to assess CHD status, democratizing cutting-edge heart disease detection technologies at increased cardiovascular disease rates.

"Health equity is a top priority for many leaders in healthcare. However, there are structural obstacles that must be recognized, and innovative care models driven by technology need to be embraced to make health equity a tangible reality," said Meesha Dogan, Ph.D., CEO of Cardio Diagnostics. "We are incredibly proud to democratize nationwide access to early detection of coronary heart disease, irrespective of one's zip code or race. The technology to assess all Americans for heart disease remotely and conveniently at scale is now available nationwide."

Dr. Damon Broyles, VP of Innovation at Mercy Technologies, shared, "in my roles serving as a strategic advisor to Cardio Diagnostics as well as leading innovative change across a multi-state healthcare delivery network, I've always believed that cutting-edge healthcare developments should extend their reach to every corner of our society. The launch of PrecisionCHD™ is a giant leap in that direction. This unique technology tears down the legacy barriers in heart disease detection, making it not just a medical innovation but a tool for social justice and parity in better chronic disease management. For the first time, patient populations traditionally under-resourced have the same access to early detection of coronary heart disease as anyone else. This isn't just about advancing medical technology—it's about democratizing health, transforming lives, and ultimately reshaping the healthcare landscape toward true equity. We're not just reading the genetic and epigenetic markers—we're reading the pulse of society, and it's beating healthier with PrecisionCHD™."

Further enhancing the PrecisionCHD™ test is the company’s proprietary Actionable Clinical Intelligence (ACI) platform. ACI provides clinicians with a wealth of novel, data-driven insights in an easily comprehensible format, aiding them in understanding the unique epigenetic and genetic molecular drivers of CHD for each individual patient.

"We're at the forefront of a paradigm shift in cardiovascular health. By decoding an individual's unique heart health molecular blueprint, we can not only detect but also help inform CHD intervention strategies with far greater precision," said Tim Dogan, Ph.D., CTO of Cardio Diagnostics. "The predictive power of PrecisionCHD™ stands to revolutionize patient health management, leading to better outcomes, more efficient use of resources, and, ultimately, a healthier future for all."

Thus, PrecisionCHD™ is setting a new standard in the fight against cardiovascular disease, serving as a vital detection tool and a vehicle for proactive and personalized heart health management.

Physicians, provider organizations, and patients can get direct access to PrecisionCHD by indicating their interest here.

About Cardio Diagnostics

Cardio Diagnostics is an artificial intelligence-powered precision cardiovascular medicine company that makes cardiovascular disease prevention and early detection more accessible, personalized, and precise. The Company was formed to further develop and commercialize clinical tests by leveraging a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Integrated Genetic-Epigenetic Engine (“Core Technology”) for cardiovascular disease to become one of the leading medical technology companies for enabling improved prevention, early detection, and assists in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. For more information, please visit

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