Elevating Security with X-ray Systems: A Glimpse into Cutting-Edge X-ray Technologies

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Today's world is both unstable and dynamic. Innovation for the future must provide a society where individuals can enjoy the highest quality of life and be safe.

It is not widely known X-ray technologies are used not only in medicine but also for scanning and checking vehicles, cargo, bags, parcels, and people. These scanners are called Security X-ray inspection systems or Security X-ray machines.

LINEV Systems is a unique ecosystem made up of international companies boasting over 30 years of experience within the X-ray technology industry, providing world-class, quality products and solutions supplied from the USA, UK, and EU to all corners of the world. The combined unification allows to deliver the highest quality of products and services beyond customer expectations whilst keeping ahead of the competition.

LINEV Systems specializes in the development and implementation of X-ray technologies into the Security sector, strengthening security measures and protecting against various threats, including terrorism and illegal trafficking of guns and drugs, while ensuring the safety of people, aircraft, ships, goods flow, state boundaries, critical infrastructure, and mass ventures.

LINEV Systems has focused its efforts on providing industry-leading security x-ray technology for:

  • prisons and correctional facilities; 

  • customs and border crossings; baggage and parcel inspection.

  • public events, government buildings and VIP protection; people screening;

  • transport security; cargo and vehicle inspection

  • industrial security, etc.

Cargo and vehicle X-ray scanners

Vehicle and cargo scanning machines are specifically designed scanners that use X-ray technology to examine large objects, including cargo containers and vehicles (such as trucks, cars, buses, vans, etc.). Their purpose is to ensure security and compliance by providing detailed images of the internal contents, structure, and composition of the scanned objects.

People X-ray screening systems

People X-ray screening systems are designed to detect various types of concealed objects or threats, such as weapons, explosives, swallowed drugs, or contraband items, without invasive measures. They can be implemented in various locations, including prisons, gold & diamond mines, courthouses, airports, border crossings, critical infrastructure, government buildings, ports, and special event venues. 

Baggage and parcel screening systems 

A parcel and baggage X-ray scanner is a device that uses X-ray technology to create images of packages, parcels, and luggage. It is used for security screening to identify potential threats or prohibited items. Parcel and baggage scanners may be used at inspection points of critical infrastructure facilities, law enforcement and security agencies, customs checkpoints, event centers, hotels, schools, sports arenas, and other locations where uninterrupted inspection is crucial.

About the Company: 

LINEV Systems represents a dynamic innovation ecosystem, forging a path into the future of digital technology. This forward-looking corporation strives to bring the advantages of cutting-edge technology to businesses, consumers, and society as a whole. With a remarkable track record spanning more than three decades, LINEV Systems has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, making significant contributions to diverse aspects of human existence. These innovative solutions have not only demonstrated their worth in the market but have also proven their resilience, particularly amid the challenges posed by the recent global pandemic.

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