JASMINER: Building industry-leading high-end chips

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In the digital age, the semiconductor industry is the “core” and “soul” of the entire information industry. The extensive application of information represented by big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence is driving a new round of technological revolution. As the heart of the information industry, the semiconductor industry has been deeply integrated with the national economy and social life, and has become a “thermometer” for international technological competition.

The past two years have been a difficult two years for the entire semiconductor industry. The epidemic has repeated, the Sino-US trade war has continued, and the market environment is full of many uncertainties. The shortage of raw materials such as upstream wafers has been transmitted to the downstream, resulting in a shortage of cores and rising prices, which has put the semiconductor industry in a disadvantageous position.

Judging from the revenue reports released by some chip companies, losses are still a common phenomenon. However, there are still many chip companies with relatively positive attitudes in the face of adversity. Among them, JASMINER, which has successfully launched a new generation of high-throughput computing chips with integrated storage and computing only two years after its establishment, is one of them.

Founded in 2020, JASMINER focuses on building high-performance, low-power, high-throughput computing chips. Its product applications cover big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other multi-technology fields. Up to now, JASMINER has successfully launched the industry-leading high-throughput computing chip with integrated storage and computing – JASMINER X4, it has the industry-leading advantages of “high computing power and low power consumption”, and can provide partners with full-stack computing power solutions to meet the product needs of customers in different scenarios.

According to reports, the core members of the JASMINER team come from famous enterprises and universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, and have many years of experience in chip design of integrated circuits and communication companies. The Chinese name is inspired by “Jasmine”. Its elegant and refined, noble and pure image symbolizes JASMINER’s down-to-earth, never slack, and pursuit of excellence in science and technology.

In the field of core technology, JASMINER has the industry’s most advanced 3DIC process, with high computing power, low cost and low power consumption, it provides an efficient basic computing power platform for the industry and its partners. Not only that, JASMINER also has the core technology of self-developed storage and computing integration. Based on the joint architecture design of its own storage and computing units, it can greatly improve the performance of multiple key storage and computing modules in traditional chips and provide customers with basic computing facilities.

At present, the global demand for computing power chips is showing explosive growth. With the rapid development of blockchain and the metaverse, the high-throughput chip industry market has huge room for growth, and the market size is expected to exceed $16 billion in 2023. At the same time, the national policy has also continued to increase the development of the semiconductor industry, and the process of localization of chips has been accelerated in an all-round way. Under the combined effect of policies, markets, and technologies, the global high-throughput chip industry will usher in the best time for rapid development.

Because of this, various forces such as traditional chip designers, IT manufacturers, technology companies, and Internet start-ups are targeting opportunities and vigorously developing high-end chips. As one of the outstanding representatives, JASMINER has won a place in the field of high-throughput computing based on the high starting point of independent innovation and supported by the world’s leading high-throughput computing chip that integrates storage and computing. In the future, JASMINER will continue to accelerate its technological breakthrough, product development and talent construction, and strive to become a leading company in the high-throughput chip industry.

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