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Talisman Casualty Insurance Company LLC has established a number of specialized programs to help businesses participate in self-insurance. The firm is able to facilitate this thanks to its expertise in cell captive insurance, a unique field that allows Talisman’s clients to control and manage their own risk.

“You may ask yourself why you should consider joining such a program,” Talisman Casualty Insurance Company acknowledges, “and the truth is that we may not be the right fit for you if you have to ask that question. Your experience with the insurance industry so far may be positive in nature, and you should continue relying on your current provider if you are satisfied. However, this may not be true for everyone.”

The firm continues, “In some cases, you may instead be asking how any other program could serve your needs better, especially if you are paying outrageous or restrictive premiums simply to keep your business going. Here, you may find that cell captive insurance programs are exactly what you need.”

Talisman Casualty Insurance offers a Surety Program, Marine Program, and Small Business GL (designed for small businesses and independent contractors who need to carry GL insurance). Since there may be some crossover between areas of interest, the firm says clients can rest assured they will have Talisman’s full guidance in selecting the right program. The final choice is always the client’s, the firm explains, but it will always be an informed choice as well.

The Surety Bond Program capitalizes on the concept of surety bonds, which are essentially one party’s promise that they will pay a second party in the event a third party does not adequately meet some predetermined obligation. This obligation can come in any form, but it is typically contained within the terms of a contract. The first party, the one making the promise, is also known as the guarantor, or the surety. The second, who would be paid if an obligation were not met, is described as the obligee. The remaining party is known as the principal, and it is their responsibility to ensure the terms of the obligation are fully realized.

Notably, with Talisman’s assistance, these agreements are created with the express assumption that they will not be broken. There is often little to no risk involved since each involved party will already have a close relationship and understand the limits of each other’s capabilities (as well as their risk). This allows for much more flexible terms, even if the obligee technically remains protected from any potential losses should the principal not be able to satisfy the obligation. The principal, in this case, would also be the firm’s client.

Talisman claims that they are highly cognizant of the disparity between small and large businesses, the latter of which often have access to far more resources (and far more third party assistance, as a result). A business that is just starting out cannot absorb financial setbacks as easily, so self-insurance — where the ‘insurer’ is encased in a legally ring-fenced cell. Assets are not shared between the two, thus allowing them to remain legally independent while working more cohesively.

This feature is one of the reasons cell captive insurance is so attractive for businesses that operate near or on the water. Given that they are often more vulnerable to freak accidents or events that could shutter operations for good, insurers are often hesitant to cover them (or they require massive premiums that unfairly stifle growth). This has historically forced some to simply operate without coverage, a most dangerous proposition. However, these businesses are now welcome to turn to Talisman’s Marine Program and receive Maritime Employers Liability (MEL), Hull and Protection & Indemnity (Hull / P&I) and Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) upon admission into the program cell.

While not quite as risky, the smallest businesses (perhaps consisting of a single person) are similarly vulnerable to losses. The Small Business GL can help them stay on their feet and manage risks without fear of a single setback undoing all their life’s work.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is capable of dealing with many concerns for their clients, and they invite all interested parties to get in touch for more details. The firm can be reached via phone or email. See more about their latest activities here: Talisman Casualty Lawsuit.


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