Ainos Launches New VELDONA Pet Lohas and Soothing Health Supplements, Catalyzing Its Drive to $20M Sales Target

New products support pets' emotional health and allergic responses, hit market in Taiwan following successful launch of VELDONA® Pet

Expanding VELDONA® Pet product line builds growth momentum toward US$20M sales target for 2024

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2023 / Ainos, Inc. (NASDAQ:AIMD)(NASDAQ:AIMDW) ("Ainos", or the "Company"), a diversified medtech company focused on the development of novel point-of-care testing, low-dose interferon therapeutics, and synthetic RNA-driven preventative medicine, today announced the launch of two new additions to its VELDONA® Pet cytoprotein supplement product line. VELDONA® Pet Lohas, designed to support pets' emotional health and relieve stress, and VELDONA® Pet Soothing, formulated to relieve discomfort caused by allergies, will be launched in Taiwan in July. Ainos aims for US$20 million in sales from its VELDONA® Pet supplements during 2024, with additional product releases and expansion of sales and marketing in other regions.

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VELDONA® Pet Lohas contributes to the emotional well-being of dogs and cats, providing relief from stress and discomfort. A study conducted by China Medical University demonstrated that interferon treatments may reduce the risk of depression by aiding in the regulation of cellular inflammatory responses in the brain. Interferon may also positively affect the regeneration and remodeling of synapses between nerve cells in the brain.

VELDONA® Pet Soothing normalizes a pet's immune response to allergens by inducing the body's natural regulation mechanism. The product is designed to reduce discomfort and milder allergic symptoms. The effectiveness of interferons in regulating allergic reactions has been found in a study conducted by the National Research Institute of Japan.

Both supplements will be marketed in Taiwan beginning next month. Their launch follows closely on the heels of last week's release of Ainos' VELDONA® Pet cytoprotein health supplement, which is currently available to pet owners in Taiwan. Ainos plans to introduce its portfolio of pet products to additional markets in the near future as part of its global business development strategy.

Chun-Hsien Tsai, Ainos' Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "The release of our latest VELDONA® Pet supplements is an important milestone in this truly transformational year for Ainos. Diversifying our product portfolio makes our company stronger and paves the way for our future growth and development. With each new launch, we are giving pet owners additional options to ensure the health of their companions and positioning ourselves to capture a lucrative share of the growing pet health market."

"With our increasingly robust product portfolio and the planned introduction of our current offerings to markets around the world, we are building an excellent foundation for our target of US$20 million in sales of our VELDONA® Pet supplements in 2024," Mr. Tsai added. "The second half of 2023 will be a thrilling time for Ainos as we continue to work tirelessly towards this goal. I am incredibly proud of our team's drive and execution as we relentlessly pursue the evolution of our business."

About VELDONA® Pet

Based on Ainos' low-dose oral interferon-alpha ("IFNα") formulation, VELDONA® Pet cytoprotein supplements are backed by numerous research studies and clinical trials, and are manufactured with world-class materials in a highly certified food-grade plant. VELDONA® maintains immunity and contributes to gum and skin health, relieving allergies and reducing stress in cats and dogs. Interferon, a type of cytoprotein, is naturally produced by human and animals. When cells are invaded by foreign particles, immune signaling molecules notify neighboring cells. Once neighboring cells receive the interferon's protein signal through their surface receptors, they initiate and modulate the immune system to protect felines and canines from gum and skin diseases, allergies, and stress-related conditions.

A clinical study, sponsored by Ainos and conducted by the Agricultural Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, has demonstrated that VELDONA® helps maintain the immune systems of cats and dogs. Numerous studies have reported the benefits of interferons in maintaining gum health and skin health, relieving discomfort caused by allergies, and soothing emotional stress in cats and dogs. VELDONA® Pet's mission is to maintain immunity for millions of pets with the highest-quality products.

About Ainos, Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Ainos, Inc. is a diversified medtech company engaged in developing innovative medical technologies for point-of-care testing and safe and novel medical treatment for a broad range of disease indications. In addition to its proprietary therapeutics using low-dose non-injectable interferon, Ainos has also expanded its product portfolio to include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and COVID-19 POCTs. Powered by its AI Nose platform, the lead POCT candidate, Ainos Flora, is a telehealth-friendly POCT for women's health and certain common STIs. To learn more, visit

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