CME To Launch Euro-based Micro Bitcoin & Ether Futures, MultiversX Launches New Service on Google Cloud, KangaMoon Soars 50%

CME is gearing up to introduce Euro-based micro Bitcoin and Ethereum futures in March. Meanwhile, MultiversX has launched a new service on Google Cloud called "1-click."

Additionally, the KangaMoon presale has attracted huge attention from traders. Those looking for what crypto to invest in have turned to KangaMoon as the best opportunity in the crypto market.

CME Eyeing Euro-Based Futures

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) recently shared news on X about the plan of Euro-denominated micro Bitcoin and Ethereum futures. The launch is expected to occur on March 18th.

The exchange also mentioned that this launch is awaiting regulatory approval. This announcement follows the successful introduction of micro Bitcoin futures in May 2021 and micro Ethereum futures in December 2021, both denominated in U.S. dollars.

Giovanni Vicioso, the CME Group Global Head of Cryptocurrency Products, pointed out a 4x increase in trading volume for these USD-denominated micro futures. This is a sign of rising interest in such products.

Meanwhile, the move to introduce Euro-denominated futures is part of the CME Group's strategy to grow its global audience.

MultiversX (EGLD) Launches 1-click' Blockchain Node Service On Google Cloud

MultiversX (EGLD) has unveiled a new service that integrates blockchain node functionality on Google Cloud. This development allows developers to link their applications with the MultiversX network and execute operations such as data retrieval and entry.

This service is called a "1-click" operation, as it simplifies the sharding process. Through the Google cloud services marketplace, developers can enjoy a simple deployment solution.

Unfortunately, MultiversX coin has not reacted positively to the news. It has dropped 5.6% in the past week from a high of $62.26 to a low of $56.31. Despite the price drop, the altcoin has maintained a 9.5% increase on the monthly chart.

KangaMoon (KANG) To Experience a Massive Surge in 2024

KangaMoon (KANG) has captured the attention of both analysts and investors with its upcoming blockchain ICO. The presale for its native token, KANG, has entered stage 2. The token is worth just $0.0075, making it one of the most affordable options in the market and an attractive choice for investors seeking what crypto to invest in.

This bullish rejection is fueled by KangaMoon's connection to the play-to-earn NFT gaming market. Per Yahoo Finance, this market was valued at $329 million in 2022.

KangaMoon's strategy revolves around integrating Social-Fi and Play-to-Earn (P2E) features on a single platform, aiming to create an engaging and rewarding experience for meme coin enthusiasts. Users can participate in tournaments and contests to earn rewards and incentives. Additionally, KangaMoon offers ways for users to earn indirectly by betting on other players' outcomes.

Notably, KANG token holders enjoy various benefits within the KangaMoon ecosystem. They will be able to sell rewards or assets on the KangaMoon marketplace and have governance rights to influence platform decisions.

With KangaMoon in its second stage, the number of tokens available for the presale is decreasing. Therefore, investors are encouraged to participate in the blockchain ICO to capitalize on potential gains during and after the launch.


While CME wants to launch Euro-based micro Bitcoin and Ethereum futures, MultiversX has released a "1-click" operation to make developers' work easier.

In other news, investors have shown interest in KangaMoon's altcoin, KANG. Smart investors have been buying KANG and enjoying a 15% bonus on their purchases. You should do the same.

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